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2 6 18 24 26 34 38 44 50 54 As I see It Advantages of a Unified Condition Monitoring Approach The more you know about machine-specific failure modes and crit- icality, the better you can plan and optimize maintenance across multiple technologies within both predictive and proactive schemes. From the FIeld Use Training and Education to Overcome Resistance to Change Make training a priority before the implementation of any program and you will see the likelihood of success skyrocket. PersPeCtIVe Managing Change for a Successful Lubrication Program Learn how an appropriate strategy for managing change can help you achieve lubrication excellence. lUBe-tIPs Our readers offer advice on a host of lubrication-related issues, including tips on taking a better oil sample. VArNIsh The Varnish Issue: Strategies for Successful Monitoring and Acceptable Levels Discover the best ways to effectively monitor varnish and establish proper alarm levels. More 36 test yoUr kNowledge 48 Bookstore Editorial Features 17 Now oN mAChINerylUBrICAtIoN.Com 42 get to kNow Departments 22 ProdUCt News 32 ProdUCt sUPermArket IN the treNChes Choosing the Right Oil Filter Location While selecting the right oil filter is critical, you must also understand the proper location to install a filter in circulating or hydraulic systems. CoNFereNCe reVIew Reliable Plant 2014 Receives Hero's Welcome in San Antonio Industry experts, decision-makers and practitioners from around the world recently gathered for Noria Corporation's 15th annual Reli- able Plant Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas. lessoNs IN lUBrICAtIoN Anatomy of a Representative Oil Sample: Part 3 — Sampling Frequency and Location If an oil sample is not taken at the right location and in the correct manner, it becomes difficult to ensure the representative nature of the oil analysis results. CertIFICAtIoN News Sinclair Refinery Named Battle Award Winner The International Council for Machinery Lubrication recently presented the John R. Battle Award to the Sinclair refinery in Wyoming. BACk PAge BAsICs Why Clear and Bright Oil Samples are not Good Enough Find out why it is not a sound practice to simply utilize the clear and bright criteria for determining whether oil is acceptable to use. May-June 2014 8 CoVer story Refining Lubrication Practices: How the Sinclair Refinery Developed an Award-Winning Lubrication Program Follow the steps and processes Sinclair used to create its lubrication program and change the culture at its refinery. Contents

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