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48 May - June 2014 | BOOk STORE Grease Lubrication in rolling bearings Author: Piet M. Lugt This definitive book on the science of grease lubrication for roller and needle bearings in industrial and vehicle engineering provides an over- view of the existing knowledge on the various aspects of grease lubrication (including lubrication systems) and the state-of-the-art models that exist today. It reviews the physical and chemical aspects of grease lubrica- tion, primarily directed toward lubrication of rolling bearings. how to Grease a Motor bearing training Video Format: DVD Publisher: Noria Corporation Anyone responsible for the mainte- nance, operation and reliability of electric motors will benefit from this training video. It provides plant personnel with an overview of the best prac- tices for lubricating electric motor bearings. You can use the video to train oper- ators, lubrication technicians, mechanics, electricians and maintenance personnel for years to come. Lubrication for industry – second edition Author: Kenneth E. Bannister This book provides a fundamental understanding of how and why effective lubrication practices are an essential aspect of industrial equipment main- tenance. Written for maintenance managers and practitioners, it focuses on the practical daily aspects of lubrication that impact productivity and includes 10 case studies that emphasize the importance of developing and implementing long-term solutions. Lubricating Grease Guide Author: NLGI This handy quick-reference book contains material pertaining to a broad spectrum of grease-re- lated subjects and is written by technicians for the beginner or the practitioner who wants to broaden his knowledge base. You will learn when and how to select the right grease for your machinery and easily determine which greases are compatible. Keep Our Machines Clean poster Publisher: Noria Corporation This poster features 10 bulleted tips to remind everyone that contamination control of lubri- cated machinery is essential. When dirt is on the outside of equipment, it can easily get into the lubricant. Use this laminated poster to send a clear message that contamination control and lubricant quality are important to your organization. the professional's Guide to Mainte- nance and reliability terminology Authors: Ramesh Gulati, Jerry Kahn and Robert Baldwin Maintenance and reliability involve many different people in many different roles. If they are expected to work efficiently, productively and harmoniously on tasks and projects, there is a need for a common language for communication. This book represents a significant step toward improving the knowl- edge of and communications between members of the maintenance and reliability profession. With more than 3,000 entries, the compilation reflects a virtual explosion of commonly practiced concepts, ideas, methodologies and various approaches to maintenance and reliability improvements. Welcome to Machinery Lubrication's Bookstore, designed to spotlight lubri- cation-related books. For a complete listing of books of interest to lubrication professionals, check out the Bookstore at For descriptions, complete table of contents and excerpts from these and other lubrication-related books, and to order online, visit or call 1-800-597-5460, ext. 204.

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