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AQUARIUS G-J (DC Module) High-speed rotary tablet press The Aquarius G-J has been upgraded to accept the optional dry coating module. Convert from standard tableting to DC tableting in less than an hour. Dry coating module The latest DC Module is reliable design to produce your tablet-in-tablet products, including core bowl, core tube and core transfer disc. DC control ensures coreless tablets rejected automatically. Turret exchangeability AQUARIUS G-J provides turret exchangeability as a standard feature. Multi process mode capability Our unique module concept allows quick and easy exchange between regular and DC mode (tablet-in- tablet) with turret & module exchange designs. User friendly OIT and swing arm system Including a user friendly touch screen operator control panel with swing arm system to meet your operation. KIKUSUI USA, INC 1650 Oak Street, Lakewood, NJ 08701 Phone: 732-349-3131 FAX: 732-349-3354 Email: Legendary Quality and Reliability Turret exchangeability Dry-coating module NEW DEVELOPMENT — Dry Coating Press / Tablet-in-Tablet

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