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24 September 2014 Tablets & Capsules Issue focus tabletting High- and medium-speed tablet presses C-300 double-sided tablet press maintains tablet weight uniformity with its three- paddle feeder, servo-driven filling, fill-cam sensor, and automatic weight control based on compaction force. Interchangeable turret runs 49 D, 61 B, 73 BB, or 79 BBS stations; maximum output is 758,400 tablets per hour. Tool-free changeover and easy maintenance minimize downtime. Other features include automatic lubri- cation, single-tablet rejection, random and directed sampling, and safety interlocks. Touch-screen interface lets you retrieve batch documentation, recipe management, alarm summary, trend graphs, and punch force data. C-100 single-sided tablet press supports 20 D, 24 B, or 30 BB stations; maximum output is 180,000 tablets per hour. All tablet parameters adjust via PLC touch-screen. Options include computerized compaction force control and Vac-U-Max conveyor for automatic loading. CMC Machinery, Princeton, NJ. Tel. 609 720 9800 Fax 609 720 9810 Multi-layer tablet presses Hata double-sided tablet presses convert to bi-layer tabletting. Two-stage closed feeding system prevents powder from escaping feed shoe to eliminate cross-conta- mination. Powder does not re-circulate around die table, and units are equipped with vacuum ports to keep interior clean. Company's three-layer tablet press with interchangeable turret allows precise core alignment for tablet-in-tablet manufacture. Unit's mechanical assembly is customized to suit your core's size and shape. Com- pany also offers spare parts and technical support. Elizabeth, North Huntingdon, PA. Tel. 412 829 7700 Fax 412 829 9345 Laboratory presses NP-RD10 manual and NP-RD10A semi-automatic (photo) benchtop tablet presses are well suited for R&D and pro- duction of small batches. Single-station units have multi-layering capability and allow independent control of tablet hardness and weight to meet specific requirements. CE-compliant, they use small amounts of material and offer consistent, reproducible tablet com- pression that promotes tablet unifor- mity, reduces trial and error, decreases waste, and saves time and effort. RD10 includes micro-adjustable depth-of-fill for accurate layer-weight control; pro- grammable parameters for compression force control and automatic cycle return; tablet ejector lever that elimi- nates need for disassembly; quick tool- ing changeover; and rugged electroless nickel-plated frame. Extra-deep fill- capacity is optional. Natoli Engineering, St. Charles, MO. Tel. 636 926 8900 Fax 636 926 8910

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