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32 September 2014 Tablets & Capsules A survey of what's available Softgel drying trays Trays for drying softgels are manufactured from composites, which imbue them with strength, dimensional stability, and heat resistance. Durability of composite construction ensures long service life. Stackable trays save space and streamline handling, don't distort or warp, and eliminate the hot spots common to metal trays. Trays withstand temperatures as high as 250°F during continuous drying and as high as 300°F dur- ing intermittent drying. Smooth surfaces prevent softgel dam- age. Tray depth is 25 to 51 millimeters. Low sides and/or ends of the tray allow air to circulate over and around the softgels. Molded Fiber Glass Tray, Linesville, PA. Tel. 814 683 4500 ax 814 683 4505 liquid capsule filling Lipid encapsulation Lipidex technology platform integrates company's lipid, liq- uid, and semi-solid filling technologies with its product devel- opment expertise and commercial manufacturing infrastruc- ture. Lipid- and liquid-based formulations address poor bioavailability and solubility of APIs because lipid excipients disperse, solubilize, and maintain solubility of difficult APIs in GI fluid. Company offers models that identify optimum formulation space faster than conventional matrix screening. Expertise encompasses softgels, liquid-filled hard capsules (including vegetarian options), and proprietary solid lipid pel- let technology. Capabilities include small- and commercial- scale manufacturing of controlled substances, hormones, and highly potent APIs. Capsugel, Greenwood, SC. Tel. 888 783 6361 Fax 888 783 6360 Combination-dose softgels Unigel soft gelatin delivery system allows single or multiple APIs with different release profiles (e.g., immediate and sus- tained) and release sites (gastric and intestinal) to be com- bined in one capsule. They include placing tablets, capsules, granules, and/or pellets inside a single soft gelatin capsule. Advantages include highly precise doses, containment of high-potency compounds, and better bioavailability of low solubility/permeability compounds. Other benefits include combinations of multiple APIs that are chemically incompat- ible or in different forms (e.g., liquid and semisolid), simpler patient regimen for better compliance, lifecycle extension, differentiated product for more consumer appeal, and coun- terfeit deterrence. Softigel, Barranquilla, Colombia. Tel. +575 371 9000

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