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Tablets & Capsules September 2014 33 Double-band capsule sealer Hipcapseal S-100 capsule sealer applies two bands around hard capsules filled with liquids, oils, semi-solids, and/or pastes to provide leak-proof, hermetic seal of capsule cap to capsule body. Double-banding ensures that any air bubbles or unevenness in first band are offset by second band. Unit seals as many as 100,000 gelatin or HPMC capsules per hour. Qualicaps, Whitsett, NC. Tel. 800 227 7853 Fax 336 449 3333 Dietary supplement softgels Company offers contract manufacturing of soft gelatin cap- sules to dietary supplement industry, including branded prod- ucts and turnkey custom formulations. It focuses on high-value supplements and ingredients that are difficult to encapsulate, fragile to work with, or difficult to absorb. Sytrinol softgels (photo) are made from extracts of citrus peel and red palm oil, which offer bioflavonoids and tocotrienols associated with cell maintenance, healthy cholesterol levels, and overall cardio- vascular health. Clinical research indicates that, compared to powder-filled hard capsules, softgel formulation of ingredient confers enhanced bioavailability of active compounds. Soft Gel Technologies, Los Angeles, CA. Tel. 800 360 7484 Fax 323 726 7065 Anti-leak capsules Embo Caps LP+ two-piece capsules—manufactured on unique mold pins that reduce cap-body clearance—have four dimples on groove of cap lock capsule to prevent separation. Capsules minimize leaks of liquids, fine powders, hot melts, heavy slurry products, and other fills that are difficult for soft- gels. Company offers three types: LP+ VG capsules made from HPMC; LP+ Fish for marine-derived omega-3 formu- lations or those that require low oxygen permeability; and LP+ PEG (polyethylene glycol) capsules for hygroscopic for- mulations. Suheung-America, Cerritos, CA. Tel. 562 926 5685 Fax 562 926 4272

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