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38 September 2014 Tablets & Capsules A survey of what's available Direct-to-press chewing gum Health in Gum directly compressible excipient combination for making chewing gum tablets can deliver moisture-sensitive APIs and dietary supplements to people who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules, thus improving compliance. API release is faster than that of traditional gums due to lighter bonding of API to gum base. Powder can be mixed with API at room temperatures, making it suitable for heat-sensitive for- mulations. Tablets are made on standard equipment, and ded- icated chewing-gum production equipment is not necessary. Product is manufactured under GMP conditions. Cafosa Gum, Barcelona, Spain. Tel. +34 934 100 300 Fax +34 933 214 405 gums, films & powders Effervescent base Sorb-Cel co-processed, direct-compression base contains all ingredients needed to impart effervescent properties to tablets, granules, and powders. It is easy to use; simply blend with API. Its ingredients—mannitol, povidone, citric acid, and sodium bicarbonate, and choice of polyethylene glycol or sorbitol—are typical of effervescent additives, making base easy to register and substitute into existing formulations with- out major label changes. Base is compatible with common actives (vitamin C, calcium, acetaminophen, etc.), and is lac- tose and sugar-free. Blanver, Boca Raton, FL. Tel. 561 416 5513 Fax 561 416 5663 Tricalcium phosphate-guar gum combination Nutra Tab granulated tricalcium phosphate with guar gum improves compressibility of direct-to-press formulations, maintaining good flow and disintegration while boosting cal- cium and phosphorus content. Co-processed excipients' nat- ural guar gum coating provides pleasant mouth-feel to chew- able tablets by masking chalkiness and grittiness associated with calcium excipients. Company also supplies A-Tab, Di- Tab, and Tri-Tab di- and tricalcium phosphates. Innophos, Cranberry, NJ. Tel. 609 495 2495 Fax 609 860 0138 Premixes, gummy formulation Company provides customized blends of functional ingredi- ents in homogenous, premixed formulations for use in gum- mies (photo), chewable tablets, capsules, and meltaways. Pre- mixes reduce equipment, labor, and testing costs and accelerate product development. Gummy formulations com- bat "pill fatigue" among seniors and accommodate variety of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements. Website provides examples of prototype formulations, including multivitamins and those that enhance pre-natal health, relaxation, immunity, heart health, and energy. All premixes are certified to comply with FSSC 22000. Fortitech Premixes by DSM, Schenectady NY. Tel. 518 372 5155 Fax 518 372 5599

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