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Virginia Tech's Peter Wallenstein dealt with Congress as it faced the issues of Reconstruction in its first session after the war, including an examination of the 13th Amendment. Gregory Downs (City College and Graduate Center, CUNY) also examined the "problems of peace" as experienced by the federal army occupying the South under minimal direction from Congress. Dickinson College's Matthew Pinsker detailed some of the ways the present filters visions of the past as he broke down the movie Lincoln, including both its value and its missed opportunities or misplaced emphases on different parts of the historical record. Once each talk airs on C-SPAN 3's American History TV, it is available online. Search C-SPAN's video archive for the name of the speaker you wish to view, or search "Capitol Historical Society" for all of our programs aired on C-SPAN. 2014 SYMPOSIUM CONSIDERS END OF CIVIL WAR, CONT. Carole Emberton was one of several speakers who included visuals with her presentation. Anne Sarah Rubin Peter Wallenstein Michael Vorenberg Audience members were quick to ask questions. Gregory Downs Paul Finkelman Attendees enjoy an afternoon snack. 2

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