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B. Canvas Log Carriers Our easy-to-load Log Carrier stands up and stays open so you can pile in the logs with both hands. Fiberglass rods along the sides and end panels are the reason. The closed-end design also helps hold in dirt and chips. Heavy-duty 18 oz. canvas duck with tough web handles and web trim edges and seams. Made in USA. 1411 Tan Carrier, 25"L x 12"W x 18"H $49.95 1837 Green Carrier, 25"L x 12"W x 18"H $49.95 A. Warm Ash Vac Cleans Before Ashes Cool Our Ash Vac quickly and safely removes even warm ashes from your freplace or wood stove with ease. Features include powerful 6 amp motor, patented double flter system, freproof steel chamber and a 5 ft. fexible, fame-resistant steel hose to clean hard-to-reach places. Three-piece Tool Set includes brush head, crevice tool and pellet stove hose. Included flter pack lasts 2-3 years; Replacement Filter Pack available. Allow 2-3 weeks delivery. Specify color from photos. Made in USA. 1423 Warm Ash Vac $259.95 10107 Tool Set $19.95 10068 Replacement Filter Pack $39.95 Heavy-duty magnets easily attach the blanket to your screen Rolls up for storage D Fire-resistant blanket keeps warm air from going up your chimney at night C Bright Refectors send heat back into the room for a more efcient burn C. Reflectors Intensify Fireplace Heat Plow & Hearth Exclusive Placed behind a gas or wood fre, our exclusive Bright Refectors send up to 80% more warmth into your rooms, so your fre warms your home instead of escaping up the chimney. Four stainless steel hinged panels refect dancing fames and light for added ambiance. 12861 Small, 41¾"L x 17¾"H $99.95 12862 Medium, 51¾"L x 19¾"H $139.95 12863 Large, 61¾"L x 21¾"H $149.95 D. Fireplace Blanket Stops Overnight Heat Loss Place this fre-resistant blanket over the outside of your fre screen at night to keep warm air in and to block out the cold. It conserves energy and saves money by reducing the heat loss that escapes up your chimney after a wood burning fre. Made from Pavenex ® , a fre-resistant carbon fber material. Heavy-duty magnets attach it to your metal screen. Made in USA. 12409 Medium, 42"W x 32"H $99.95 12410 Large, 48"W x 36"H $119.95 Red Green Green Black A B Tan See the Warm Ash Vac See the Firescreen Blanket video

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