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February 2015

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FEBRUARY 2015 RETAILOBSERVER.COM 33 development and watch via social media as ideas speed from mind to market in only a matter of months at the FirstBuild Microfactory in Louisville, KY. "In a sense, FirstBuild is building the infrastructure for building a smart home. ChillHub itself is the infrastructure to be able to connect devices inside your refrigerator to be visualized on your smartphone and the internet. It's a platform of possibility," says Brian Wagner, one of ChillHub's lead contributors. ChillHub leverages the power of FirstBuild's Green Bean (a circuit board bridge that allows software developers direct control of the refrigerator and other appliances through a JavaScript-based software development kit that uses the Node.js platform) to allow makers to develop products and features they want and share them with the FirstBuild community. ChillHub, a 27.7 cubic foot French door ice and water refrigerator, will retail for $2,999 and can be ordered through in black, white, Slate and stainless steel. FirstBuild is a new model for designing, building and bringing home appliances to market. A partnership between GE Appliances and Local Motors, FirstBuild brings together an open community of industrial designers, engineers and other innovative minds to collaborate on new product designs that are rapidly brought to life at the FirstBuild Microfactory. For more information on how to get involved, visit PRIZER HOODS INTRODUCES VIBRANT, FASHIONABLE COLORS TO ITS LUXURY KITCHEN HOODS LINE WITH NEW JEWEL TONES COLLECTION Kitchen hoods to feature unique colors and luminous sheens in luxury, hand-crafted designs Prizer Hoods, recognized as a market leader in luxury, customizable kitchen hoods, is bringing on-trend colors from the runway into the home kitchen with the introduction of the new Jewel Tones collection. Currently offering a plethora of on-trend hoods with nearly unlimited personalization options for the home kitchen, Prizer Hoods' newest collection will feature six bold, gemstone color options. The new Jewel Tones line from Prizer Hoods will feature six colors: Ruby, Amethyst, Topaz, Emerald, Mahogany and Sapphire. The Jewel Tones collection, in addition to rich color, features finishes similar to the glossy sheen prized on a luxury car. These hues can be added to any of the line's 50+ unique hood designs. For a true custom look, select a preferred hood style, choose the new Ruby Jewel Tones color and give the hood a unique finished look by applying polished nickel strappings, almost like setting a beautiful gemstone in a precious metal setting. This use of unique metals, colors and trims provides customization options that go far beyond standard stainless steel appliances. "We are excited to bring to market the uber-fashionable Prizer Hoods Jewel Tones line," says Eliza Sheffield, vice president of marketing for Prizer Hoods. "Prizer Hoods is a leader in color and customization when it comes to home kitchen hoods. Now, the opportunity to combine the latest in fashion colors, unique trims and finishes and professional, high- performance ventilation functionality is a possibility." The Prizer Hoods line features unique hood styles, ranging from modern to classic, which can be customized with a spectacular range of color, texture and metal offerings to allow designers and homeowners to make a unique statement in the designer home kitchen. Homeowners and designers are able to begin the customization process by selecting one of seven metal finishes and 750+ colors plus a variety of trims and finishes to suit any home kitchen style whether from contemporary, minimalist, sleek or ultra-modern. Additionally, a custom hood can be commissioned by working with a world-class design and drafting department to create from scratch a unique piece according to the customer's precise specifications. Every home chef must have a high performance ventilation hood to accompany a high performance, high heat range. Prizer Hoods are designed to ensure the best cooking experience with a variety of professional-level quality and features. Commercial-style baffle filters are incorporated for maximum grease removal, simple cleaning and quieter operation. Separate interior liners provide the largest capture area available for easier cleaning, while high heat automatic sensors make the units safe for high heat cooking. A durable three-speed fan ensures a quiet cooking experience. When designing a Prizer hood, designers and homeowners can select the exact motor needed (plus the desired location of the motor) to provide professional-level performance required for restaurant-quality dishes at home. The seamlessly constructed three- piece hoods have bright, thick-lens halogen lights that come standard on all hood models. Each Prizer Hood is handcrafted in Reading, PA with high-quality materials including 16 gauge metal and stainless steel internal liners with double wall construction. For additional information on Prizer Hoods products, to locate a dealer in your area, or to request a quote, visit I N D U S T R Y [ N E W S ] continued from page 24 RO

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