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24 April 2015 Tablets & Capsules Issue focus coating Vegetarian organic coating Opadry NutraPure coating, made from USDA-certified organic ingredients, adds clear, high-gloss finish to tablets and makes them easier to swallow. In addition, coating uses only verified non-GMO, plant-based ingredients—without soy or corn—and offers alternative to shellac-based food glazes. Allergen-free and certi- fied–kosher coating reduces tablet dusting, makes tablets flow better, and eases han- dling and packaging. Typical solids concentration is 12 percent but can be adjusted to suit your application and equipment. Reconstitution takes less than 45 minutes. Colorcon, Harleysville, PA. Tel. 215 699 7733 R&D fluid-bed processor Quest-FB tabletop fluid-bed processor coats pellets and other particles and performs granulation. Plug-and-play unit shares many features of production models, speeding feasibility studies and scale-up. Features include PLC with touch-screen, printer port for data out- put, and easy-to-clean modular design. It processes batches of 175 grams to 1.5 kilograms and particles of 150 microns to several millimeters, enabling you to conserve valuable, limited-quantity APIs. Vessel accepts top and bottom spray assemblies, providing working volumes of 3 liters (top) and 1.5 liters (bottom). ACG North America, South Plainfield, NJ. Tel. 908 757 3425 Film coaters VGB series film coaters' unique pan geometry promotes coating uniformity. Perfo- rated pan is larger than those of other coaters, and thus accommodates more spray nozzles to speed coating. Design also allows lower-velocity drying air, boosting effi- ciency, reducing coating time, and minimizing material loss. Cylindrical baffles ensure tablets roll uniformly and gently to promote color consistency. Anti-blockage spray system reduces risk of tablet defects and accepts aqueous and non-aqueous coatings without changes to its configuration. Stainless steel units include Siemens color touch-screen interface and 2-year supply of wear parts. One-pass wash-in- place system is standard on VGB-75 and larger units. Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery, Spring, TX. Tel. 281 528 8885

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