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buyers' picks WHAT'S NEW FROM ABROAD? Vietnam, Poland, Spain, Italy and Israel are all the rage, with retailers boasting new items from these countries. Check out the products— such as sweets, pasta sauces and olive oils—that are making them the talk of the town. BY NICOLE POTENZA DENIS Matt Caputo, Tony Caputo's Market & Deli, Salt Lake City, UT New imports from France and Spain, such as dried heirloom beans, olive oil, tomato sauce and dried plums, top my list. My picks include: t " - 0MJWJFS &YUSB 7JSHJO 0MJWF 0JM t &M $FJCP %BSL .JML $IPDPMBUF XJUI $PGGFF t (BSCBO[P 1FESPTJMMBOP t .BSJB +FTVT 5SBEJUJPOBM 4QBOJTI 5PNBUP 4BVDF JO 0MJWF 0JM t .JUJDB 1MVN #BS Sara Feinberg, Market Hall Foods, Oakland, CA New imports from France, Vietnam and Italy have made their way to us. These include: t #JTDVJUFSJF .ÒSF 1PVMBSE 4BMUFE $BSBNFM 4BCMF t 5SFNJUJ 0MJWFT GSPN $SVEP t .PSFMMP "VTUFSB "NBSFOB $IFSSZ 4ZSVQ t 3FE #PBU 'JTI 4BVDF t 3VTUJDIFMMB E "CSV[[P 1BTUB 4BVDFT JO 0MJWF 5PNBUP #BTJM BOE "SSBCCJBUB Carolynn Dilworth, Auray Gourmet, Larchmont, NY We are seeing a lot of new packaging of imports. There are some products showing newer flavors and recipes [such as in cereal and chocolate]. My picks: t %PSTFU $FSFBMT #FSSJFT $IFSSJFT .VFTMJ t ,JOEFS %FMJDF ,PLPT XJUI $PDPOVU BOE .JML #BST t 1PVMBJO (SBOE "SPNF 'SFODI )PU $IPDPMBUF $PDPB 1PXEFS t 3PZBM $IPDPMBUFT #FMHJBO $IPDPMBUF 5IJOT JO "MNPOE Tony Wilson, Global Foods Market, Kirkwood, MO New products such as cookies, cakes and chocolate from Israel, Poland and Russia are popping up. Examples are: t "DIWB &OFSHZ #BS XJUI $SBOCFSSJFT t #JTDVJU $IPDPMBUF $PSQPSBUJPO $IPDP -VDL /PVHBU XJUI $PSO 'MBLFT t #JTDVJU $IPDPMBUF $PSQPSBUJPO i0ME $PMMFDUJPOw .JML $IPDPMBUF XJUI $IFSSZ t (BMJM )POFZ $PPLJFT t (BMJM -JPS 5FB #JTDVJUT TELL US: What are some of your most popular new imported products? specialtyfood.com/onlinehighlights Nicole Potenza Denis is a contributing editor to Specialty Food Magazine. MORE PICKS: LE BEAU MARKET'S POPULAR SELLERS, P. 58 14 ❘ SPECIALTY FOOD MAGAZINE ❘ specialtyfood.com PHOTOS: (CLOCKWISE FROM TOP) BIGSTOCK PHOTO; COURTESY OF GALIL FOODS; MARIA SAN ANDRES; COURTESY OF RED BOAT

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