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JAN-FEB 2012

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FOOD TRENDS Harmoniously Raised Salmon T here's a new category of salmon on the market: Harmoniously Raised Fish. "It's not wild-caught and it's not farmed—it's a new category," says Scott Nichols, direc- tor of Verlasso, the supplier of the fish. Like people, salmon get their omega 3s from their diet. Unlike traditionally farmed fish, Verlasso doesn't feed its salmon wild-caught feeder fish, such as anchovies and herring. Instead, the company adds omega 3s to an oleaginous yeast, which grows much like other fermentations. In doing so, it uses 75 percent fewer feeder fish to produce its salmon rich in healthy fatty acids. Ultimately, the company hopes to decrease our depen- dency on these wild-caught varieties. To pro- duce the "cleanest" fish, Verlasso salmon are raised in the waters of southern Patagonia (near Argentina and Chile), away from industrial development. They swim freely in spacious pens, resulting in a leaner fish than traditionally farmed salmon. Traceability is paramount: Each phase STRENGTH FROM NATURE This is the tale of a unique range of cheeses. Born from years of knowledge and produced from the finest-quality Swiss milk, these special cheeses are carefully crafted to develop a taste unlike any other: one both rich and authentic. The secret of their flavor lies in their exceptional environment: a rugged cave carved deep within the mountainside. It is here that the cheeses mature and develop their unique flavor, resulting in a gourmet product of premium quality. Discover a Character of Excellence, www.cavern.ch of the fishes' life is tracked to ensure integ- rity and freshness. Growth hormones are never used, so the fish grow at their own natural rate. Verlasso launched its premium salmon with New York-based online grocer FreshDirect, which also is committed to health, nutrition and sustainability, and plans to expand with retailers across the country. To find other sources, visit verlasso.com. Cavern is imported by Mifroma USA. Mifroma fine cheeses are aged in a rock cave, formed by nature over centuries in the village of Ursy, at the foot of the Swiss Alps. Appreciated by gourmets in Switzerland, Europe and North America, now you can enjoy the full range of authentic cheeses from Switzerland. MIFROMA USA – East Coast Corporate Offi ce: 9240 Bonita Beach Road · Suite 1118 · Bonita Springs, Fl 3413 · Tel. 239 498 0626 · paul.schilt@mifroma.com – West Coast Regional Offi ce: PO Box 1008 · Tualatin, OR 97062 · Tel. 503 692 6540 · jim.basta@mifroma.com (continued on p. 124) Winter Fancy Food Show Booth 4329 26 ❘ SPECIALTY FOOD MAGAZINE ❘ specialtyfood.com

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