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THE EDUCATED RETAILERS' GUIDE In Part 1, the first nine behaviors I recommended were: 1. Be considerate. 2. Be consistent. 3. Be reasonable. 4. Bring good energy. 5. Be humble and share the credit. 6. Show your belief in those around you. 7. Follow through. 8. Listen well. 9. Be real. You can read the full explanations of these behaviors as well as their alternative behaviors and their effects at specialtyfood. com/SFMarchive under the November/ December issue. Now, on to Part 2 of the tips I believe are key to being a courteous, kind and effec- tive boss. 10. HONOR THE WAY OTHERS FEEL It is hugely important work to see others for who they are, acknowledge the way they feel and think, and treat them with respect. Add in a little empathy and appreciation and you're really on a roll. Just because you honor them as human beings doesn't mean Vendettas make for fascinating novels but they're never helpful in building a great business. you're obligated to do what they want you to do; it just means you're not regularly beating on them to be someone other than who they are. You can honor others' feelings and then still constructively and caringly encourage them to go beyond their comfort zone in the interest of personal growth and organiza- tional success. Or you can choose to deny employees' feelings. Telling people not to feel the way they feel is a surefire way toward a leadership shortfall. Staff will quickly learn not to be vulnerable in your presence and they'll hide their concerns. Surely and steadily, these denials of reality will lead to a dysfunctional world in which up becomes down, yes means no and—you get the idea. It's so confusing that everything Salute to Himalayan Black Winter Truffl es Gold Medal Winner 2011/2012 Gourmet Product Awards Experience "Black Gold" presented by the vast Himalayan snow-covered mountains and evergreen forests, an immense natural pristine Shangri-la. Available canned, jarred, fresh, dried slices and powdered. newtiger6688@yahoo.com tel: 516.942.9312 fax: 516.942.9306 www.greatporcini.com 66 ❘ SPECIALTY FOOD MAGAZINE ❘ specialtyfood.com

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