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NEW LOOK— takes far longer, energy falls rapidly and less and less gets done every day. 11. DON'T HOLD GRUDGES Look, everyone will fall short on something. Most of us mess up a couple of things most every day. But hardly any of those mistakes are made mindfully. And even if they are, you need to let it go. Holding grudges or punishing people over and over again for an error that occurred years ago just isn't helpful. You may be incensed by others' shortfalls, but acting on the anger and being vindictive is never a good move. By contrast, having a spirit of understanding, and letting go of what's long since done, can only create positive energy in your organization. Or you can be just as vindictive as you can be. I don't need to say too much here, it's all in the history books. Read up on the Hatfields and McCoys or watch any of the "Godfather" films. Vendettas make for fascinating novels but they're never helpful in building a great business. 12. NEVER ACT IN ANGER You are going to be angry. I'm not saying don't be angry. Just don't act in anger. Other than in an emergency situation, making a decision while you're in the middle of a fit of anger is always a bad move. Nothing good can come of it. When I'm having a bad day, usually the best thing I can do is go for a run—it's my adult version of a time-out. To If you start firing off decisions when your anger is building, you may feel better, but probably only for the first five minutes. After that, you're pretty much guaranteed to get yourself and your firm in trouble. Winter Fancy Food Show Booth 571 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012 67 simply satisfying meals 100% NATURAL, NO ADDED SALT, PRESERVATIVES OR MSG Winter Fancy Food Show Booth 286 frontiersoups.com 800 253 0550 SAME GREAT TASTE. HEARTY MEALS ™ ™ 19 varieties of perfectly seasoned 100% natural soup mixes... 15 gluten free! CONVENIENCE NUTRITION GREAT TASTE

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