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JAN-FEB 2012

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A new trend in condiments is infusing them with top-of-the-line picks, from Limoncello and tequilla to bock beer and cabernet. Here are some producers indulging in this booze-fueled trend: Bittersweet Herb Farm Wild Blueberry with Limoncello Jam: As any fruit lover can attest, a touch of lemon makes a perfectly tart complement to any sweet treat. This blueberry jam from Bittersweet Herb Farm takes that special ingredient a step further, stirring in a dose of Limoncello liqueur to create a bold and bright spread. Slather it on toast or pancakes, or top off des- serts like ice cream or pound cake. Wild Blueberry with Limoncello Jam contains all-natural ingredients plus the antioxidant goodness of blueber- ries. bittersweetherbfarm.com Blair's Heat Jalapeno Tequila Exotic Hot Sauce: Green sauce has instant appeal to hot-sauce connois- seurs. Blair's, known for throwing caution to the wind with its bold, fiery products—regularly toss- ing some of the world's hottest peppers into its rec- ipes—has added another element of excitement to its popular jalapeño hot sauce. A splash of tequila amplifies the southwestern flavors of jalapeño and green habanero chiles, meaning your senses are in for a ride. A sweet note and garlic-herb finish round out this intense hot sauce. extremefood.com Bourbon Barrel Foods Bluegrass Soy Sauce and Worcestershire Sauce: This Kentucky-based producer knows the power of bour- bon barrels and doesn't stop at aging the strong, smoky whiskey. Rather than let these aging barrels go to waste, Bourbon Barrel Foods has taken to aging other products to absorb the distinct flavors and fragrances that linger. Bluegrass Soy Sauce bears a smoky, brothy taste with a hint of oak and a mild sweetness; the vegetarian Worcestershire Sauce takes a mellow turn, soaking up bourbon's sig- nature flavors. Bourbon Barrel also offers an array of bourbon-smoked spices, salts, sugars and Kentuckyaki, a booze-infused teriyaki sauce. bourbonbarrelfoods.com DIFFTF!T USB XT!!0!!XJOF!CJTDVJU T!!0!!DPPLJFT Winter Fancy Food Show Booth 529 Show Booth 977 Fancy Food Winter From The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg P.O. Box 3596 • Williamsburg, Virginia 23187 800-831-1828 • wholesale@thepeanutshop.com Winter Fancy Food Show Booth 977 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012 77 PHOTOGRAPHY BY MARK FERRI; FOOD STYLED BY LESLIE ORLANDINI; PROPS STYLED BY FRAN MATALON-DEGNI

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