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Catskill Provisions Wildflower Honey: Catskill Provisions' motto is: "Happy bees make better honey." Located in the high-altitude Catskill Mountains in New York State, this company produces 100 percent pure, never-heated, raw Wildflower honey. Owner Claire Marin, who turned her beekeeping hobby into a business, harvests a spring honey, which bears the aromas of pear, apple and clover, and a darker autumn honey, with flavors of chestnut and maple. Catskill Provisions honey is featured at many farm-to-table restaurants in New York City and in artisanal cheese and specialty grocery stores across the state. The light honey pairs well with ricotta cheese and yogurt, while the darker honey stands up well to stronger goat cheeses. catskillprovisions.com Etruria Gourmet Honeydew Honey: The bees that produce this raw organic honey in Central Italy are harvesting not floral nectar but honeydew, the sugar-rich, sticky secretions of aphids that feed on plant sap. Dark and almost black in color, this Honeydew honey emits a fragrance of stewed fruit or molasses and is rich in antioxidants, protein and healthful mineral salts. A standout at a cheese or deli counter, it best complements blue cheeses, pâtés and other charcuterie. Etruria Gourmet also produces Certified Organic Chestnut and Thousand Flowers honey, as well as honey vinegars obtained by double fermen- tation. etruriagourmet.com Grampa's Gourmet Desert Wildflower Honey: A particularly wet year in the Chiricahua desert on the border of New Mexico and Arizona made way for this special honey. Fifth-generation bee- keeper Bret Edelen brought his bees here to pro- duce a rare pure mesquite honey. But the excess winter moisture caused some unusual wildflowers to bloom, resulting in this mesquite wildflower honey. This very thick honey is buttery and light, with aromas of baked fruit and coffee, making it perfect for sharp cheddars or blues. To ensure top quality, Edelen follows sustainable farming practices, avoids GMOs and uses integrated pest management whenever pos- sible. grampashoney.com Honey Ridge Farms Black Button Sage Honey: Produced in the coastal ranges of California only four out of every 10 years, Black Button Sage Honey has a complex sweet, clover-like flavor with herbal overtones and a lingering floral and herbal aftertaste. This honey has a non-granulating quality and never crystallizes, making it pour-ready in its convenient squeeze bottle—per- fect for soft cheese such as mascarpone or ricotta. All Honey Ridge Farms single-sourced floral vari- etals—which also include Wild Blackberry, Star Thistle and Pumpkin Blossom from the Pacific Northwest and Orange Blossom from California— are minimally processed: gently warmed, strained and never filtered, preserving the flavor and natural nutrients. The company also makes a honey balsamic vinegar from 100 percent honey; a portion of the profits help fund research to promote bee-colony health. honeyridgefarms.com Mellona Divine Honey Spread Carob: On the southern coast of Cyprus, among citrus and olive groves and vineyards, bees are hard at work pollinating various flora that will result in a blend of blossom honey from varieties of Mediterranean herbs. This family-owned company blends its creamy raw honeys with ingredients indigenous to Cyprus, such as carobs, grapes, almonds and hazelnuts. Blended with tradi- tional haroupomelo (carob syrup), Mellona's Carob Honey spread Organic Mushroom People Dried Mushrooms Dried Soup Mixes Melange Seasoning & Rub Marinade The Most Extensive Line of Specialty Mushrooms Available in North America! NEW! Consumer-friendly, 1/2 oz. Affordable Line Pricing! NASFT 2007 - Outstanding Condiment Winner NEW! "Your Kitchen" Food Service Line ,WDOLDQ 7UXIÀH /LQH from Tuscany - a full, delectable line! Aggressive Social Media and POP drive sales! www.fungusamongus.com sales@fungusamongus.com (360) 568-3403 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012 89 Th e

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