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MAR 2012

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buyers' picks GRAB-AND-GO SNACK SELECTIONS When in a hurry, customers are snapping up to-go snacks such as chocolate, chips, cookies and freeze-dried fruit, many in convenient packaging. BY NICOLE POTENZA DENIS Diane Dean, Epicure Market, Miami, FL Customers can't resist snacks and sweets by the register or café counter. Items like two-pack cookies, snack-pack popcorn and gummies fly out of the store. My picks: t #JTTJOHFS T /BUVSBMT (VNNZ 1BOEBT (top) t (JOOZCBLFT QBDL $PDPOVU 0BUNFBM #MJTT (MVUFO 'SFF $PPLJFT (right) t )BMUFS $MBTTJD #POCPOT JO $PGGFF t ,JOEFS )BQQZ )JQQPT #JTDVJUT t 4LJOOZ 1PQ 1PQDPSO TOBDL QBDL (left) Jessica, Chelsea Market Baskets, New York, NY Many cookie companies make two-packs for on-the-go use. Chocolate and snack-size apple chips are also good take-along options. Big sellers include: t 'SBO T $IPDPMBUFT (SBZ 4NPLFE 4BMU $BSBNFMT QBDL t *TMBOE #BLFSZ 0SHBOJDT QBDL $IPDPMBUF (JOHFST DPPLJFT t 4IPSUCSFBE )PVTF PG &EJOCVSHI 4IPSUCSFBE 'JOHFST t 4IPSUCSFBE )PVTF PG &EJOCVSHI 4XFFU 0BUJFT QBDLT (top right) t 4OBQ[ "QQMF $SJTQT (bottom left) Bill Shube, Shubie's Marketplace, Mablehead, MA Snack items such as freeze-dried fruits, salty snacks like chocolate-covered chips along with peanuts and corn snacks have been working well for customers who like to take things on the go. Our favorites: t "TIFS T $IPDPMBUF $PWFSFE 1SFU[FMT 1PUBUP $IJQT BOE #PBSEXBML $SVODI t $SJTQZ (SFFOT GSFF[F ESJFE 1JOFBQQMF "QQMFT #BOBOB BOE .BOHPFT (left) t (MBEDPSO $PSO 4OBDLT t 8IJUMFZ T 4NBMM 1BDL 4BMUFE 7JSHJOJB 1FBOVUT MORE PICKS: MILK & HONEY MARKET'S BEST SELLERS, P. 27 Nicole Potenza Denis is a contributing editor to Specialty Food Magazine. 8 ❘ SPECIALTY FOOD MAGAZINE ❘ specialtyfood.com Wade Combs, Nature's General Store, Bend, OR Coconut water in Tetra packaging is popular for grab-and-go. Kale chips, single- pack string cheese and energy bars are also convenient options. Strong sellers are: t -ZEJB T 0SHBOJDT ,BMF ,SVODIJFT t 0SHBOJD 7BMMFZ 4USJOHMFT TUSJOH DIFFTF TJOHMFT (top right) t 1FSGFDU 'PPET #BS JO $BSPC $IJQ (bottom right) t 4VOTIJOF 4OBDLT ;PPNFST $SVODIZ $IFFTF #JUFT t 7JUB $PDP $PDPOVU 8BUFS Gracie Kennedy, Olives Gourmet Grocer, Long Beach, CA Snacks that accompany our sandwiches are hot for grab-and-go. Our homemade cookies are a top choice. Popular options: t )BWF B $PSO $IJQT t +P T $BOEJFT 5PGGFF $PSO t +P T $BOEJFT $IPDPMBUF (SBIBNT t 0MJWFT $IPDPMBUF $IJQ $PPLJFT PHOTOS: (CLOCKWISE FROM TOP) COURTESY OF BISSINGER'S; COURTESY OF ORGANIC VALLEY; COURTESY OF SHORTBREAD HOUSE OF EDINBURGH; COURTESY OF PERFECT FOODS BAR; COURTESY OF SNAPZ; COURTESY OF CRISPY GREEN; COURTESY OF SKINNY POP; COURTESY OF GINNY BAKES

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