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APR 2012

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buyers' picks FOODS FOR THE PERFECT PICNIC From house-made rabbit pâté and wasabi mustard spiked with sake to pickled carrots and salty-sweet chocolates, retailers are ready with good picnic eats. Just don't forget the colorful outdoor tableware. BY NICOLE POTENZA DENIS Jill Foucre, Marcel's Culinary Experience, Glen Ellyn, IL A picnic needs to include a colorful paring knife to go along with specialty treats such as cheese, apples, bread or salami, plus an efficient corkscrew for opening bottles of wine or beer. Our picks include: t &QJDVSFBO w Y w DVUUJOH CPBSE t ,JTTFM T $IFSSZ 'FOOFM 4QJDFE +BN (right) t ,VIO 3JLPO /POTUJDL 1BSJOH ,OJGF (right) t 3FJTFOUIFM $BSSZCBH UI BOOJWFSTBSZ QJDOJD CBH t 4DSFXQVMM CZ -F $SFVTFU 8BJUFS T $PSLTDSFX (far right) Tina Heath-Schuttenberg, The Plaza Food Hall by Todd English, New York, NY Unique sandwich breads, locally made soda in grown-up flavors, sweet treats and brightly colored plastic flatware are just some things that will make a great picnic. We like: t (V4 (SPXO VQ 4PEB %SZ 3PPU #FFS (bottom left) t )VETPO #SFBE 1SFU[FM 3PMMT t 4BCSF 1MBTUJD 'MBUXBSF t 5PEE &OHMJTI T *TBCFMMF T $VSMZ $BLFT DVQDBLFT Tony Chavez, Oakville Grocery, Healdsburg, CA Delicious items that are easy to take along and pair well with each other are popular for picnics. And who doesn't like something sweet to bring along! Choices include: t .PMJOBSJ 4BMBNF t 0BLWJMMF (SPDFSZ 8BTBCJ 4BLF .VTUBSE t 0BLWJMMF (SPDFSZ $IPDPMBUF 4FB 4BMU #BS t 5IBUDIFS T .JOJ 1SFU[FMT t 7FMMB $IFFTF $P %SZ .POUFSFZ +BDL $IFFTF Andrew Clark, Formaggio Essex, New York, NY Picnic items that complement each other can include fresh cheeses, honey, pâté, some pickled items and a great-tasting chocolate. My picks are: t %VSBOE $IPDPMBUJFS TJOHMF PSJHJO DIPDPMBUF GSPN .BEBHBTDBS PS 5BO[BOJB t 'MPSJBOP &MWB 8JMEGMPXFS )POFZ t 3BCCJU QÉUÏ IPVTF NBEF t 4BJOUF .BVSF #FMHJRVF HPBU DIFFTF t 4PVS 1VTT 1JDLMFT $MBTTJD 4QFBST BOE (JOHFS $BSSPUT (right) t 7FSNPOU 4NPLF $VSF 4VNNFS 4BVTBHFT Coral Ferguson, Cured, Boulder, CO Spreadable, easy-cleanup cheeses, or those that are great for chunking, along with crackers and rustic Old World–style salami are great picnic fare. Favorites are: t *M .POEP 7FDDIJP 7JOP F 1FQF /FSP 4BMBNJ t +BTQFS )JMM $BCPU $MPUICPVOE $IFEEBS t /JUB $SJTQ $SBDLFST t 3JUVBM $IPDPMBUF PSHBOJD EJSFDU USBEF CBST t 7FSNPOU #VUUFS $IFFTF $SFBNFSZ #POOF #VDIF TPGU HPBU DIFFTF MORE PICKS: RUBINER'S CHEESEMONGERS' BEST-SELLING NEW ITEMS, P. 16 Nicole Potenza Denis is a contributing editor to Specialty Food Magazine. 8 ❘ SPECIALTY FOOD MAGAZINE ❘ specialtyfood.com PHOTOS: (CLOCKWISE FROM TOP) BIGSTOCK PHOTO; COURTESY OF LE CREUSET; MARIA SAN ANDRES; COURTESY OF GUS; COURTESY OF KUHN RIKON; MARIA SAN ANDRES

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