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APR 2012

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SPECIALTY FOOD BROKERS Mean Annual Sales: $2,724,000 Mean Number of SKUs: 2,650 NUMBER OF SKUs CURRENTLY REPRESENTED More than 5,000 20% 20% 2,001–5,000 500 or less 501–1,000 8% 28% 24% 1,001–2,000 %BUB NBZ OPU TVN UP Source: Mintel EVF UP SPVOEJOH The broker network is quite diverse, comprising both small street brokers as well as those who operate nationally and represent thousands of specialty food products. THE BROKER VIEWPOINT: CHANNELS SERVICED AND FASTEST-GROWING CHANNELS Specialty Food Stores Natural Supermarkets (e.g.,Whole Foods Market) Conventional Supermarkets (e.g., Kroger, Safeway) Foodservice (e.g., restaurants, cafés, school/office cafeterias) Mass Merchandisers (e.g., Target, Walmart) Other .VMUJQMF BOTXFST BDDFQUFE Stores/ Channels Serviced in 2011 % 84 68 48 36 24 40 Fastest- growing Store/ Channel % 16 28 8 4 20 24 4PVSDF .JOUFM Brokers often service multiple channels, as evidenced by the overlap in sales. The largest channel is specialty food stores, which are called on by 84 percent of brokers. They see natural supermarkets as the fastest-growing channel. WHAT ARE THE INFLUENTIAL PRODUCT CLAIMS? Interests Consumers Most Today Will Grow the Most in the Next Three Years 68% Local* All Natural Organic Sustainable Eco-Friendly Fair Trade .VMUJQMF BOTXFST BDDFQUFE 4PVSDF .JOUFM 20% 36% 36% 32% 12% 16% w-PDBMw JT EFmOFE BT XJUIJO NJMFT EJTUBODF GSPN PQFSBUPS Brokers believe that Local interests consumers the most today and will also grow the most in the next three years. Interest in All Natural and Organic may fade, they believe. 14A [ 5)& 45"5& 0' 5)& 41&$*"-5: '00% */%6453: Source: Mintel The broker community had a good year, with 84 percent reporting sales increases. Despite the challenges posed by consolidation, only 8 percent of brokers had a down year. 40% 56% 40% 52% 60% DOLLAR SALES CHANGE IN THE PAST YEAR 2011 % Up 1–9% Up 10–19% Up 20% or more Unchanged Down 1–9% Down 10–19% Down 20% or more 28 32 24 8 8 - -

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