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{ }  49 { the cutting edge } It's often the small details that can mean the difference between an excellent wine, a good wine and a vinegar-y substance that will get poured down the drain. Take the cork, for instance. That innocent- seeming little cylinder has a big job to do, including protecting wine from the elements and assisting in the aging process in the bottle. In recent years, other types of closures (such as screwcaps) have made their mark in a very discerning industry because of their effectiveness. Some winemakers, sommeliers and consumers, however, may adhere to the romance of the natural bark cork. The classic stopper has its set of drawbacks, though, including the occasional tendency to spoil in the bottle, causing cork taint (TCA). Enter Nomacorc, which has innovated a closure solution reflecting the best of the Old and New Worlds. NOMACORC ' S CORK CLOSURE ALTERNATIVES FIGURATIVELY AND LITERALLY PRESERVE THE BEST WINEMAKING TRADITIONS by Elyse Glickman PHOTO COURTESY OF NOMACORC Unstoppable!

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