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MAY-JUN 2012

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buyers' picks MERCHANDISING AT THE DELI COUNTER Specialty grocers tout a mixed bag for merchandising around the deli counter. From traditional and non- traditional chips, pickles and drinks to crackers, jam and bacon, anything goes. BY NICOLE POTENZA DENIS Matt Thayer, American Provisions, South Boston, MA Pickled items, jams and specialty chips are what customers like to see near the deli. They make great complements to a sandwich. My picks: W Bonnie's Black & Blue Jam W Brooklyn Brine Fennel Beets t 'MBNPVT 'BMBGFM $IJQT t 'SB .BOJ 4BMBNF 5PTDBOP t .PPO#SJOF 1SFUUZ )PU 1JDLMFT Christopher Wier, Marczyk Fine Foods, Denver, CO Membrillo and heart-healthy crackers are standout can never go wrong with chips near the deli counter. Picks include: t $PSB[PO .FNCSJMMP S -FTMFZ 4UPXF 3BJODPBTU $SJTQT t 0MMJ 4BMVNFSJB 4BMBNF t 1PQDIJQT X 6SCBO 0WFO 0MJWF 0JM $SBDLFST Mike DeFrancisci, A Litteri Inc., Washington, DC We have a cooler of popular ready-to-drink items right near our deli. Add-ons like peppers and chips are good sellers. Favorites include: T #PZMBO #PUUMFXPSLT $SFBN 4PEB X $FOUP )PU $IFSSZ 1FQQFST t 'FSSBSB .JOJ $BOOPMJ 4IFMMT t *MMZ *TTJNP SFBEZ UP ESJOL $BQQVDDJOP t 3PVUF 1PUBUP $IJQT Wojtek Desniz, DeLuca's Market, Boston, MA In-house marinades and products like pickles and chips are popular around the deli counter for their sandwich component appeal. Popular choices: t %F-VDB T .BSJOBEF t %F-VDB T .FSMPU 4UFBL 4BVDF t %JFU[ 8BUTPO 1JDLMFT W ,FUUMF #SBOE 1PUBUP $IJQT JO 4FB 4BMU 7JOFHBS W 1PQDIJQT #BSCFRVF 1PUBUP $IJQT Erica Bertram, Zingerman's Delicatessen, Ann Arbor, MI We merchandise items we use in our sandwiches, like bacon, at the deli counter. Items in plain sight, such as bagels and an 80-pound wheel of cheese, get customers' attention. Our picks: t /VFTLF T 4NPLFE #BDPO t 0SUJ[ 5JOOFE 'JTI t 1BSNJHJBOP 3FHHJBOP t ;JOHFSNBO T #BLFIPVTF #BHFMT t ;JOHFSNBO T 5FTTJF T 5XJTUFE 5PNBUP 7JOBJHSFUUF MORE PICKS: PUTNAM MARKET'S POPULAR PRODUCTS, P. 50 Nicole Potenza Denis is a contributing editor to Specialty Food Magazine. 8 ❘ SPECIALTY FOOD MAGAZINE ❘ specialtyfood.com cheese complements. You also PHOTOS: (CLOCKWISE FROM TOP) COURTESY OF LESLEY STOWE'S; COURTESY OF URBAN OVEN; COURTESY OF POPCHIPS; COURTESY OF KETTLE BRAND; COURTESY OF BOYLAN BOTTLEWORKS; COURTESY OF CENTO FOODS; COURTESY OF BONNIE'S JAMS; COURTESY OF NINETYNINE FILMS (BROOKLYN BRINE FENNEL BEETS)

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