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PRODUCT ROUNDUP Boat Street Pickles Pickled Fruits. Proving that pickling isn't just for vegetables, Boat Street Pickles offers a line of pickled fruits in Figs, French Plums, Raisins and Apricots. The Seattle-based company's Renee Erickson began her creations as chef and owner of the waterfront Boat Street Café (for which she was a semifinalist for a 2012 James Beard Award). She has developed a unique brine for each variety of pickled fruit sold, such as black mission figs in a syrup of red wine, balsamic vinegar and rosemary, and golden raisins in cider vinegar with mustard seed, thyme, arbol chile and bay leaf. boatstreetpickles.com Divine Brine Pickles. Divine Brine splits its efforts between clas- sics and new creations, with popular Bread & Butter Pickles and Devilish Dills (spiced with red pepper flakes) covering the essentials, while Honey Hot Bread & Butter Pickles and Horseradish Dill offer hotter variations on those favorites. Wasabi Dills give heat adven- turers a bigger kick to brave, while Pickled Jalapeños, marinated with carrots and a secret blend of spices, deliver a balance of aggressive heat and spice. Beet Caviar, Caponata and a trio of fruit chutneys round out the collec- tion. divinebrinefoods.com Fire & Flavor Pickling Spices. Combining two current crazes— pickling and DIY foods—Fire & Flavor has created its Pickling Spices. Four varieties of pre-mixed seasonings help home amateurs learn to preserve their favorite vegetables with guaranteed good results. Crispy Icebox Dill and Sweet Bread & Butter mixes transform cucumbers into classic pickles, while Just Can't Beet It preserves red and yellow beets, and The Allrounder con- verts okra and green beans. The spice mixes are also great for experimenting with pickling other vegetables that home cooks or retailers may have in excess. fireandflavor.com Lowcountry Produce Pickled Vegetables. This purveyor high- lights Southern specialties created with inspiration from family and regional recipes, handmade in small batches and hand-packed. Lowcountry's line of artisanal pickles includes Artichoke Pickles, Green Tomato Pickles, Pickled Garlic (also on offer with a jalapeño option) and more. Also in the collection is this company's take on the quintes- sential Southern relish, Chow Chow, in artichoke, 42 ❘ SPECIALTY FOOD MAGAZINE ❘ specialtyfood.com beet and tomato varieties. For pickle lovers, the Pickles, Pickles, Pickles Gift Set presents one jar of each variety, including Sweet Cucumber Pickles. lowcountryproduce.com McClure's Pickles. Using their great-grandmother's recipe, brothers Joe and Bob McClure, with the help of their parents, have grown the family business from selling only small-batch pickles to an array of pickle-inspired goods. The company's flagship products include spears and relish in two varieties, Garlic Dill and Spicy (which infuses cayenne and habanero peppers), but also on offer is a Spicy Bloody Mary Mix— made with McClure's spicy pickle brine, tomato paste and fresh-pressed cucumber juice. The latest creation is crinkle-cut Potato Chips (a col- laboration with Better Made Snacks) in the two signature flavors. mcclurespickles.com Mother In Law's Kimchi. The mother of fermentation—and the national dish of Korea—is kimchi, and Mother In Law's Kimchi brings these exotic pickles to the American plate. This handmade kimchi comes from a 20-year- old recipe used by Korean soup restaurant Jang Mo Gip (which translates to "Mother-in-Law's House"), in Garden Grove, Calif. Made with fresh chile peppers and no preservatives, the kimchi comes in Muu Daikon Radish, Napa Cabbage and Vegan Napa Cabbage. milkimchi.com Rick's Picks Spicy Pickles. Hosting an assortment of pickled goods, Rick's Picks frequently plays with spices to develop creative flavors with clever names. Green beans get the heat treat- ment in Windy City Wasabeans, infused with soy and wasabi, and Mean Beans, seasoned with cayenne pepper; Smokra combines okra with Spanish smoked paprika; and Hotties pickles get a kick from sriracha and habanero. Other pickled treats include red bell peppers, corn relish, classic bread-and-butter pickles and new With Relish cucumber relish made with dill. rickspicksnyc.com FIND MORE PICKLED PRODUCTS at specialtyfood.com/onlinehighlights

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