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THE CONSUMER KEY POINTS t #BTFE PO .JOUFM T DPOTVNFS TVSWFZ CSFBLGBTU JT FBUFO PO BWFSBHF UJNFT BOE MFTT TP XJUI o T UJNFT QFS XFFL NPSF TP XJUI CSFBLGBTU FBUFST BHF BOE PMEFS UJNFT 5IF BWFSBHF OVNCFS PG UJNFT CSFBLGBTU JT FBUFO PO B XFFLMZ CBTJT JODSFBTFT XJUI UIF number of children in a household. However, childless households average nearly as many breakfast occasions as households with three or more children. t #BTFE PO UIF TVSWFZ DPME DFSFBM JT UIF NPTU QPQVMBS CSFBLGBTU PQUJPO BNPOH CSFBLGBTU FBUFST GPMMPXFE DMPTFMZ CZ FHHT )PU DFSFBM JT the fifth most popular breakfast food type. Based on eating frequency, cold cereal users tend to favor cereal with a variety of textures F H GMBLFT DMVTUFST PS POF QSJNBSZ UZQF F H (SBQF /VUT PWFS HSBOPMB PS NVFTMJ IPU DFSFBM VTFST TMJHIUMZ GBWPS USBEJUJPOBM PBUT over flavored instant-oatmeal packets. t "DDPSEJOH UP UIF &YQFSJBO 4JNNPOT /BUJPOBM $POTVNFS 4UVEZ DPME DFSFBM VTBHF JT OFBSMZ VOJWFSTBM BNPOH 6 4 IPVTFIPMET QFSDFOU BOE NVDI IJHIFS UIBO XIBU JT TFFO GPS IPU DFSFBM QFSDFOU 8FFLMZ IPVTFIPME DPOTVNQUJPO PG DPME DFSFBM BWFSBHFT TFSWJOHT DPNQBSFE XJUI GPS IPU DFSFBM t )JHI GJCFS DPOUFOU BOE XIPMF HSBJOT NBUUFS UP NPSF DFSFBM VTFST UIBO BOZ PUIFS BUUSJCVUFT (MVUFO GSFF JOHSFEJFOUT NBUUFS UP UIF GFXFTU DFSFBM VTFST PWFSBMM 0OMZ QFSDFOU PG DFSFBM VTFST TBZ UIBU PSHBOJD DFSFBM JT JNQPSUBOU UP UIFN IPXFWFS JOUFSFTU BNPOH PSHBOJD food buyers is high, as breakfast cereal ranks third behind yogurt and meat/poultry in terms of household usage. t $FSFBM JT OPU FBUFO FYDMVTJWFMZ BU CSFBLGBTU 4PNF QFSDFOU PG DFSFBM VTFST TPNFUJNFT FBU JU BT B TOBDL BOE QFSDFOU TPNFUJNFT FBU JU GPS MVODI PS EJOOFS 5IFTF GJOEJOHT SFJOGPSDF UIF DPODFQU PG DFSFBM BT B QPSUBCMF TOBDL FTQFDJBMMZ GPS UP ZFBS PMET REASONS FOR CEREAL CONSUMPTION Which of the following are reasons why you eat cereal? It's quick. Eating a high-fiber cereal helps me manage my hunger and/or weight. Cereal is a good way to manage my health concerns (e.g., blood sugar, cholesterol levels). Cereal is my favorite breakfast food. It's something I can bring to work or school and eat. It's something I can buy at work or school and eat. None of the above Reasons for Cereal Consumption, November 2011 Base: internet users age 18+ who eat cold and/or hot cereal "NPOH DFSFBM VTFST UIF GBDU UIBU DFSFBM JT B RVJDL CSFBLGBTU PQUJPO JT UIF NPTU DPNNPO SFBTPO GPS JUT VTBHF CZ B XJEF NBSHJO FTQFDJBMMZ BNPOH o T 'VSUIFS SFTFBSDI TIPXT UIBU ZPVOHFS DFSFBM VTFST o UP DIPPTF DFSFBM CFDBVTF JU JT UIFJS GBWPSJUF CSFBLGBTU GPPE VTFST BHF o are the most likely to be interested in taking cereal to work or school. Editor's Note: Specialty Food Magazine is pleased to be working with Mintel on Research Spotlight. Mintel is a leading supplier of competitive media, product and con- sumer data. A 33-year reputation for delivering dependable and original market informa- tion has allowed Mintel to maintain Business Superbrand status in the U.K. Mintel's prod- uct line includes: Mintel Reports, a renowned market intelligence report series, publishing more than 600 reports annually covering the U.S. and Europe; and Mintel's GNPD, the Global New Products Database, which monitors worldwide product innovation in consum- er packaged goods markets. For more information call 312.943.5250 or visit www. mintel.com. NASFT members may purchase Mintel's breakfast cereal report at a 10 percent discount. T BSF UIF NPTU MJLFMZ All 1,544 82% Cereal is a healthier option than most other breakfast foods. 51% Cereal is an inexpensive breakfast option. 52% 50% 42% 33% 17% 7% 1% Source: Mintel ATTITUDES TOWARD CEREAL Please tell us to what extent you agree or disagree All with any of the following statements regarding cereal. Summary of "strongly agree" and "somewhat agree" 1,544 I would try a sample of cereal if I receive it for free in the mail or in a store. 84% I like having multiple kinds of cereal at home at the same time. 74% I use (or someone in my household uses) coupons for buying cereal. Cereal is a better value than other breakfast options. I usually eat the same cereal. I enjoy trying new cereal flavors/varieties I haven't had before. Name brands taste better than store brands. I usually buy (or someone in my household usually buys) store-brand cereal. I grow tired of eating the same cereal. Cereal is too expensive. I am purchasing less expensive cereal this year than I did one year ago. I am purchasing more large or bulk-size cereal this year than I did one year ago. I am purchasing more store-brand cereal this year than I did one year ago. I would like to eat hot cereal for breakfast but I usually don't have time to make it. Attitudes Toward Cereal, November 2011 Base: internet users age 18+ who eat cold and/or hot cereal 5IF NBKPSJUZ QFSDFOU PG DFSFBM VTFST DPOTJEFS DFSFBM UP CF B HPPE WBMVF BOE UIJT PWFS JOEFYFT BNPOH IPVTFIPMET XJUI UISFF PS NPSF DIJMESFO " TJ[F- BCMF QFSDFOU DPOTJEFS JU UPP FYQFOTJWF XIJDI JT ESJWJOH JOUFSFTU JO QSJWBUF MBCFM MFTT FYQFOTJWF DFSFBM BOE CVML TJ[F PQUJPOT Eva Meszaros is associate editor of Specialty Food Magazine. MAY/JUNE 2012 87 66% 59% 58% 57% 46% 41% 39% 37% 34% 34% 31% 26% Source: Mintel

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