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C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 1 6 133 Most banks only off er loans up to $2 million. Union Bank® off ers loans up to $5 million. Working with Union Bank: Jhkij[ZȈ_dWdY_WbfWhjd[h\ehel[h'+&o[Whi CW`eheh_]_dWjehe\@kcXeBeWdi Fehj\eb_eb[dZ[h ;nY[fj_edWbYkijec[hi[hl_Y[ :[Z_YWj[ZjeXk_bZ_d]^[Wbj^oYecckd_j_[i M[YWd^[bfoekhYb_[djim_j^beWdWcekdji kfje+c_bb_ed ' BeWdiikX`[YjjeYh[Z_jWdZYebbWj[hWbWffhelWb$<_dWdY_d]WlW_bWXb[\ehYebbWj[hWbbeYWj[Z_d97"EH"ehM7$H[ijh_Yj_edicWoWffbo$J[hciWdZYedZ_j_ediikX`[YjjeY^Wd][$ ' 9[hjW_dj[hciWdZYedZ_j_edicWoWffbo"_dYbkZ_d]c_d_ckcYh[Z_jiYeh[WdZh[i[hl[h[gk_h[c[dji"WdZcWo_cfWYjj^[Wcekdjj^WjYWdX[Xehhem[Z$ 9edikbjoekhKd_ed8WdaCehj]W][9edikbjWdj\ehZ[jW_bi$ (&',CK<=Kd_ed8Wda"D$7$7bbh_]^jih[i[hl[Z$C[cX[h<:?9$ Kd_ed8Wda_iWh[]_ij[h[ZjhWZ[cWhaWdZXhWdZdWc[e\CK<=Kd_ed8Wda"D$7$ 7fh_bHeXX[hj LF"Ih$Cehj]W][9edikbjWdj .)'Ȍ()*Ȍ(&.. Wfh_b$heXX[hj6kd_edXWda$Yec DCBI?:).*&,' Get personalized service and great rates with a Jumbo Loan from Union Bank. Pat Clark-Gray, district inter- pretive specialist for California State Parks, sometimes works in the park that she frequently explored with her late husband, Ken Gray, a California State Parks manager and Marina city council- man who helped establish Fort Ord Dunes. She describes the 979-acre park as secluded, despite its Monterey Peninsula proximity. "Because the Army had that land, it did not get developed. If you walk far enough out on the beach, you feel completely isolated. It's something special and unique," says Clark- Gray. "Those who commute along Highway 1 also get a respite, with those wonderful views of the ocean and the dunes." To explore For t Ord Dunes State Park, star t at the site of the former Stilwell Hall. Built as a club for enlisted soldiers during World War II (and funded, in par t, by soldiers' personal donations), this U.S. Army-Works Progress Administration project occupied a bluff overlooking the Monterey Bay. When the structure opened in 1943, more than 1,000 young women were invited to the cele- bration and beer sold for five cents a glass. Duke Ellington, Bing Crosby and Bob Hope were among performers at the historic club, which remained in use until the 1994 base closure. Stilwell Hall was torn down in 2003, after storms eroded the coastal bluff suppor ting the building. From the Stilwell Hall site, hiking paths and paved trails extend along four miles of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary beachfront and delicate coastal dunes. Some trails pass former storage bunkers and artillery ranges; others lead In 2009, 979 acres of coastal dunes with beautiful views of Monterey Bay were given by the Army to California State Parks. Photo: Kelli Uldall

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