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June 2016

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JUNE 2016 RETAILOBSERVER.COM 35 LEARN. THRIVE. M E G A G R O U P U S A W R A P P E D U P T H E I R B I - A N N UA L C O N V E N T I O N I N O R L A N D O , F LO R I DA AT T H E D I S N E Y D O LP H I N H OT E L A N D R E S O R T, M A R C H 1 1 – 1 4 , 2 0 1 6 . C onnect. Learn. Thrive. MEGA's theme for the convention prevailed throughout the 4-day event. On Friday over 100 members and vendors connected on the beautiful Lake Buena Vista course for the traditional MEGA golf tournament. Fabulous weather helped to ensure the great time had by all. Later that evening, members mingled enjoying cocktails and hors d'oeuvres as the sun set over the Dolphin's sparkling pool. Saturday was all about learning as workshops, presentations and training sessions filled the morning and afternoon. Members were able to choose from a variety of topics. Mallory Parker (E.V.P. Business Services) reviewed the MEGA Finance Exchange. This unique service helps members find the right consumer finance program for every customer. MEGA's director of training, Doug Stewart, conducted workshops on leadership while Jim Sendrak (E.V.P. Marketing & Electronics) reviewed all marketing and advertising programs available to members. Mattress University, a perennial member favorite event, featured sessions on the in-store experience, selling skills and top of bed (selling add-on bedding accessories). Executive VP, Jerry Honea, commented, "We bring top industry executives in to host these sessions. All members come away with the latest up-to-date information about their industry." As the leader in web marketing, MEGA staff as well as managers from RWS (MEGA's web partner) delivered presentations that introduced the new Levels 1—4 program. "We now have a full complement of web marketing sites and services that can fit any member's budget large or small," remarked Scott McFarland, MEGA's E.V.P. CIO. "Level 4 also includes a full assortment of digital marketing assets including progressive consumer profiling, de-anonymization, turn-key promotions, automated e-mail marketing, social media maintenance and well, way too many other automated benefits to mention here. Members no-longer need to acquire these website-enhancing features from multiple suppliers. Everything is efficiently coordinated and all from one source," said McFarland. Staff from Surya and the Elk Group led discussions during first-time Home Décor meeting. Turnout was high for this how-to-merchandise-home-furnishings- accessories-for-maximum-profit workshop. MEGA Madness wrapped up Saturday's events with a bang. This event features insane one-time and limited deals from a variety of brands and suppliers. "Missy Hodges who is MEGA's appliance VP does an awesome job coordinating this exciting event," reported Rick Bellows (President of MEGA Group USA.) On Sunday, show day, new vendors in all categories were welcomed into the MEGA family. Members visited with new suppliers from the appliance, electronics, home furnishing, outdoor casual and equipment industries. One exciting highlight of the afternoon was when one lucky MEGA member, Mitten's Furniture Appliance & Electronics won a Ford F-150 given away by the Whirlpool Corporation. Convention, Orlando, Florida

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