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JUL-AUG 2012

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buyers' picks INDIAN PANTRY STAPLES When considering Indian products, most retailers tout brand loyalty and an overall curiosity about and interest in flavors. BY NICOLE POTENZA DENIS Ganaa, Yes! Organic Market, Washington, D.C. Indian sauces and items like rice with familiar Indian brands sell the most. Popular choices include: t +ZPUJ /BUVSBM 'PPET #BTNBUJ 4VQSFNF 3JDF X 1BUBL T 4XFFU .BOHP $IVUOFZ t 5BK (PVSNFU #PNCBZ $VSSZ 4BVDF t 5BTUZ #JUF .BESBT -FOUJMT t 5BTUZ #JUF 1VOKBC &HHQMBOU Jacqueline Murray, Roots Market, Olney, MD Companies that sellers are: X Jyoti Classic Masala Sauce Shashi Handa, Ginger & Spice Market, Alexandria, VA Customers purchase brands that they know and trust when it comes to Indian foods. My picks: t )BMEJSBN +BWJUSJ 4OBDLT t )BMEJSBN :FMMPX %BM 5BELB t .BHHJ 4FBTPOJOH 4BVDF t 3BKBI (BSBN .BTBMB t 3BKBI 5BOEPPSJ .BTBMB t ,JUDIFOT PG *OEJB SFBEZ UP FBU 1BMBL 1BOFFS t 5BTUZ #JUF ,BTINJS 4QJOBDI W 5BTUZ #JUF 4QJOBDI $IBOOB t 5BTUZ #JUF .BESBT -FOUJMT offer convenience with affordable ready-meals contribute to our highest sales in the Indian food category. Best Elie Raad, Balboa International Market, San Diego, CA American shoppers come in with a recipe and buy Indian products regardless of brand; Indian shoppers are almost always brand loyal. Hot sellers are: t %FFS #SBOE (BSBN .BTBMB t 1BUBL T $VSSZ 1BTUF t 4IBO #JSZBOJ .BTBMB t 4IBO $IBBU .BTBMB t 4IBO $IBOB $IBBU Shailesh Parmar, Jungle Jim's International Market, Fairfield, OH The three main reasons people purchase these products: they found a recipe they want to try, experienced the product/flavor in a restaurant, or they're just curious about Indian flavors. Favorites are: t -BYNJ $VSSZ 1PXEFS t -BYNJ (BSBN .BTBMB t -JKKBU 1BQBE t ,PIJOPPS )FBU &BU $VSSJFT %BM 1BMBL t 4ISJ .BIJMB 1BMBL 1BOFFS MORE PICKS: ARROWINE & CHEESE'S POPULAR PRODUCTS, P. 86 Nicole Potenza Denis is a contributing editor to Specialty Food Magazine. 10 ❘ SPECIALTY FOOD MAGAZINE ❘ specialtyfood.com PHOTOS: (CLOCKWISE FROM TOP) BIGSTOCK PHOTOS; COURTESY OF JYOTI NATURAL FOODS; BIGSTOCK PHOTOS; COURTESY OF PATAK'S; COURTESY OF TASTY BITE

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