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JUL-AUG 2012

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THE EDUCATED RETAILERS' GUIDE If your inclination or pattern is to take a long time to act or complete a task, you'd do well to speed up. On the other hand if you feel internal pressure to act impulsively and in the moment, you're generally going to do better to back off. 4. Tackle the Tough Stuff First This is, I know, standard wisdom in the time-management world. I hate to be in the mainstream, but for me at least, it works. I almost always tackle the things I like least first and save what I'm more eager to work on for later, so I can free my mind and my day for more interesting things. My general rule is that if I've put something off for more than a week or two after I told myself (or others) that I was going to get it done, some- thing's wrong. That long of a wait usually means it's time to kick in, caringly confront the issue and get it done quickly before my relationship with time, myself and others starts to suffer. 5. Maximize Downtime This one is incredibly simple, yet so many people fail to do it. No matter where I go, I always have something with me that I want to do—whether it's finishing up work or leisurely reading or writing. Always. I never travel without something that I can work on unless I'm going to sleep the whole time (and even then I carry something in case I can't sleep). With all the electronic devices available this is easier than ever—you can read entire books on your cell phone. So why not load one up and avoid the torment of boredom? 6. Make Your Meetings More Effective You know the feeling, I'm sure—sitting frustrated and helpless in a meeting, your precious time being wasted while you watch. Although it's never discussed or debated at a national level, I'm adamant in my belief that poorly run meetings make for more econom- ic and emotional problems than any of the things that get discussed in political forums. Salute to Himalayan Black Winter Truffl es Gold Medal Winner 2011/2012 Gourmet Product Awards Experience "Black Gold" presented by the vast Himalayan snow-covered mountains and evergreen forests, an immense natural pristine Shangri-la. Available canned, jarred, fresh, dried slices and powdered. newtiger6688@yahoo.com tel: 516.942.9312 fax: 516.942.9306 www.greatporcini.com Summer Fancy Food Show Booth 2313 68 ❘ SPECIALTY FOOD MAGAZINE ❘ specialtyfood.com

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