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JUL-AUG 2012

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THE EDUCATED RETAILERS' GUIDE Now you may be thinking, I wasn't the After a meeting always follow up. If things are agreed upon in a meeting but never implemented, our integrity falls, energy flags, rumors fly and frustration follows. one running the meeting, so there's not anything I could have done. The reality is that every- one in the room shares in the responsibility for what goes on in there. At the least, for the sake of your own sanity alone, don't leave the meeting without knowing what was decided, who's doing it, and when they're doing it. If your meeting lacks structure or clar- ity, then doing any or all of the following things will put you ahead of the rest of the world. Here are some guidelines I've stuck with to increase meeting effectiveness: t )BOE PVU BO BHFOEB BIFBE PG UJNF with budgeted times for each section; t IBWF DMFBS PCKFDUJWFT GPS FBDI QBSU PG the meeting; t BTTJHO SFMFWBOU iIPNFXPSLw UP IBWF completed before the meeting; t HFU DMFBS PO SPMFT LOPXJOH XIP T facilitating, who's taking notes, and so on will help make your time more productive; t DMFBSMZ EPDVNFOU DPNNJUNFOUT NBEF during the meeting; 4 new natural grain products stacked with health benefits and flavor. These delicious selections feature heart-healthy nutrients, high fiber, and Omega-3 fatty acids. Learn more about our exotic new Calrose Rice, Royal Blends or Jasmati Brown Rice at Booth #2314 or RiceSelect.com. t GPMMPX VQ JG UIJOHT BSF BHSFFE PO JO B meeting but never implemented, our integrity falls, energy flags, rumors fly and frustration follows; t FOE XJUI iBQQSFDJBUJPOTw GJWF NJOVUFT of thanking colleagues at the end of any session will successfully send folks back to work in a better mood, which is a big win for them and for the organization. 7. Don't Let Perfectionism Slow You Down While it has its moments, for the most part, I think perfectionism can cause big problems. I still smile about the story told by physician and author David Servan-Schreiber, about the Frenchman Paul Morand, a cyclist who set the land-speed record a century ago. Sure, the guy broke a record, but you could also look at the accomplishment another way, said Servan-Schreiber: It took Morand Summer Fancy Food Show Booth 2314 70 ❘ SPECIALTY FOOD MAGAZINE ❘ specialtyfood.com

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