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JUL-AUG 2012

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THE EDUCATED RETAILERS' GUIDE A couple of techniques that helped to turn the tide and improve my relationship with myself and with time are: (a) Don't commit to things you aren't going to do; (b) Learn to say "no"; (c) Hold others—courteously and considerately—to their commitments. 14-and-a-half months to go that one mile. You get the idea? Anyone out there besides me tend to get hung up trying to get things just right before we just let it go into the world? Having wasted way too much time worrying about making everything perfect before I did anything, I've learned to drive for perfection rather than expect to achieve it. I'm not saying settle for so-so, just that waiting for the ideal to arrive is doomed for failure. Things that could have already been improved lie dormant, diminishing organizational energy while you wait. Over time, I've come to accept that excessive fretting only brings failure and frustration. Doing my best and getting steady, if imperfect, improvement is ten thousand times more productive than wait- ing, and waiting, to get it just right. I truly want to make everything perfect and I hate, hate, hate making mistakes. But mak- ing mistakes, I've learned the hard way, is human and can be a healthy way to learn. If you tend toward perfectionism— and many high achievers do—all I'd ask is that you consider what's worth more to you from your employees: a plan that's been produced quickly and is about 75 or 80 per- cent accurate but still marked "draft"? Or no plan at all because the person working on it is waiting to make sure that he's got everything just right? 8. Honor Your Commitments I feel fairly confident saying that we all will have failed to honor at least a couple of com- mitments we've made in our life. I know I've failed on many. I also know that when I fall short it's never a good thing: I'm out of integrity, my energy flags, my anxiety rises, I fall further and further behind. Here's the cycle I used to go through: The more I'd let commitments slip, the (continued on p. 178) Bringing integrity to the table. Introducing a premium halal deli line in food service and retail markets worldwide. Discover our premier line of cheese, beef and poultry products. We start with the finest ingredients to ensure excellence in both quality and flavor. More options, better choices. Booth 529 Fancy Food Show June 17th-19th 2012 www.deli-halal.com Summer Fancy Food Show Booth 529 72 ❘ SPECIALTY FOOD MAGAZINE ❘ specialtyfood.com

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