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Curing Ovens Customs Brokers Cut Rag Tobacco (Blended, Flavored, Cut Tobacco) Cutters & Cutting Machines Dehumidifiers Drives Drying Machinery Drying Racks Dust Collectors Dust Control Systems Dust Filters Electronic Cigarettes (e-Cigs) Electronic Cigarette Distribution Elevators E-Liquid Embossing Rollers (Steel on Steel) Endless Conveyor Belts Expanded Tobacco Feeders Fertilizers Film (Cellophane) Film (Polypropylene) Film (Shrink) Filter Additives Filter Plug Conveying Systems Filter Rod Makers Machines Filter Tow Filters Flavoring Cylinders Flavoring Devices Flavors Flavors (Licorice Extract) Flavors (Menthol) Flexible Packaging Freight Forwarding Fumigants Fumigation Equipment & Systems Fungicides Gluers & Sealers Grading Systems Greenhouses Grinders Grinding Wheels Growth Regulators Guillotines Hammer Mills Harvesting Machinery Herbicides Hogsheads Homogenized Tobacco Homogenized Tobacco Making Machinery Hoppers Humectants Humidity & Environmental Control Test Chamber Humidity Controllers & Recorders Insect Monitoring Systems Insecticides Inspection Systems Instrumentation (Basic Weight Testing) Instrumentation (Softness Testing) Knife Grinders & Sharpeners Knives Labeling Machines Laboratories (Testing & Consulting) Laboratory Equipment & Supplies Laminations Leaf Grading Machines Licorice Lithographers Machine Vision Systems Mentholating Machinery Metal Boxes Metal Detectors Metallized Board Metallized Films Metallized Papers Metering Tubes Moisteners & Moistening Equipment Moisture Meters & Testers Optical Detection Systems Ordering Cylinders & Drums Overwrapping Machinery Package Design Package Printing & Converting Mach. Package Printing & Finishing Package Printing Machinery Packaging Films (Cellophane) Packaging Films (Polyethylene) Packaging Machinery Packers (Case) Packers (Cigarette & Cigar Pack) Packers (Pouch) Packing Machinery Pallet Loaders Parceling Machines Perforating Machinery Pesticides Plasticizers Plug Wrap Paper (Non Porous) Plug Wrap Paper (Porous) Pouch Making Machinery Pouches Prehumidifying Plants Presses (Balers) Presses (Cases) Presses (Hogshead) Primary Process Control Systems Printing Dies for Cigarettes Processing Machinery Pulverizers Racks (Leaf Storage & Stacking) Rebuilt Machinery Redryers Research & Development Labs Roll Grinders Roll-Your-Own Hand Rollers Rotary Dryers Sample Cutters Sand Reels Sand Screens Scales Scrap Handling & Baling Systems Scrap Tobacco Machinery Screens Seed Bed Covers Separating Machines (Mechanical) Separating Machines (Pneumatic) Shakers Shipping Case Cartoner Shredders Sifting Machinery Sizing Equipment Slitters Smoking Machines Spare Parts Splicing Equipment Spring Bands (Steel) Stainless Steel Belts Stainless Steel Tapes Steaming Machines Stem Crushers Stem Processing Equipment Stemming Machines Storage Warehousing Strapping Machines & Tools Stripping Machines Sucker Control Agents Suction Tapes Sulphate of Potash Tar Prediction Machinery Tear Tapes Threshing Machines Tipping Machines Tipping Material Tipping Material (Non-Perforated) Tipping Material (Perforated) Tipping Material (Plug Wrap) Tobacco Coloring Generator Tobacco Combines Tobacco Expansion Systems (CRS) Tobacco Graders Tobacco Knives Tobacco Receiving/Sorting/Grading/ Systems Tobacco Seed Tobacco Toppers Transplanters Transplanting Systems Tunnel Conditioner Used Machinery Vacuum Belts Vacuum Equipment Vibrators Wear Parts (Carbide/Ceramic/Steel) Weighing Machines & Weigh Belts Weight Control Equipment Wrapping Machines Other: (Please Specify) Select categories from this leaflet by marking the corresponding box with an X

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