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Section One Global Directory (Search by Country) Whether you are looking for a leaf dealer, product manufacturer, association, trade group, or an importer/exporter, you can find it in Section One of the Buyers' Guide. Section One is arranged alphabetically, by country. Here, companies are broken down into categories that correspond to their type of business, such as Leaf Dealer or Product Manufacturer. When a company is engaged in more than one type of business, we list the company according to its core business while noting the diversity of its activity. Section Two Supplies and Services (Search by Product) Companies are listed in Section Two according to the supply or service that they offer the industry. Browse the alphabetical product categories and you will find the companies that provide them. In some cases, it may help to cross-reference the product to find the supplier or company you are looking for. Suppliers and service providers regularly upgrade the menu of items they offer their customers, so if you do not find a certain company under a given name, it may simply mean that we listed that company under the headings it has traditionally been listed under. Section Three Contact Information (Search by Company) Section Three lists every company in the Buyers' Guide & Directory, both alphabetically, and by company name. Here you will find the company's country of origin, telephone and fax numbers, and email address. Often, the editors select the full name of a company instead of its abbreviated title or acronym for listing, however common. For example, if you are searching for "TPIL," you would do better to look up "Tobacco Products International Ltd." because that is this particular company's entire name. Zachery Bridgeman, Editor Using Your 2016 Tobacco International Buyers' Guide & Global Directory Welcome to the 2016 Tobacco International Buyers' Guide & Global Directory. The Buyers' Guide has come to be known as "The International Business Directory" for the tobacco industry, and this year marks the 81st time that we've worked with the industry to produce this essential reference. We congratulate and thank all of you in the tobacco industry who helped make this year's edition such a success.

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