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Advertisers appear in bold Tobacco International Buyers' Guide & Global Directory 2016 51 Cigarette Tipping Material — Cigarette Tubes Deutsche Benkert GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) Dr. Franz Fuerstein GmbH (Austria) Hermex (Mexico) International Project Management (Germany) Julius Glatz GmbH Papierfabriken (Germany) KneX Worldwide (United States) Papeteries de Mauduit (France) Miquel y Costas & Miquel, SA (Spain) Oracle Flexible Packaging (United States) PT Pura Barutama (Indonesia) Saueressig GmbH + Co. KG (Germany) Tervakosi Oy (Finland) Trierenberg Holding AG (Austria) Tvornica Papira Rijeka DD (Croatia) Cigarette Tray Loaders & Fillers Changde Tobacco Machinery Co., Ltd. (China) Colin Mear Engineering (CME) Ltd. (United Kingdom) Finnforest Danmark AS (Denmark) G.D. S.p.A. (Italy) Hamilton Precision Ltd. (United Kingdom) Hampshire Tobacco Machinery Services (United Kingdom) Hauni Maschinenbau AG (Germany) International Tobacco Machinery BV (Netherlands) Kunming Shipbuilding Equipment Co. Ltd. (China) Makepak International Trading, Ltd. (United Kingdom) Molins Tobacco Machinery Ltd. (United Kingdom) Sasib S.p.A. (Italy) Cigarette Trays Makepak International Trading, Ltd. (United Kingdom) Molins Far East PTE Ltd. (Singapore) Cigarette Tube Making Machinery Decoufle SARL (France) MTS Tobacco SA (Spain) Universal Specialty Products (United States) Cigarette Tubes Aklale Filter Cigarette Tube Manufacturing Ltd. Co. (Turkey) Altesse (Austria) Bista Ltd. (Poland) CTC Canada Inc. (Canada) Efka-Werke Fritz Kiehn GmbH (Germany) Fermentownia Tytoniu W Krasnymstawie Sp. ZOO (Poland) Essentra Richmond, Inc. (United States) Gizeh Raucherbedarf GmbH (Germany) HBI Europe GmbH (Germany) H.O. Persiehl GmbH & Co. (Germany) Linhardt GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) Mascotte International (Netherlands) Molins Tobacco Machinery Ltd. (United Kingdom) MTS Tobacco SA (Spain) Orion (Poland) Republic Technologies International, SAS (France) Reto Iten Metals AG (Switzerland) TUBEX Wasungen GmbH (Germany) Universal Specialty Products (United States) Yuri Gagarin PLC (Bulgaria) talkinGiZEH qualit y united roll your own, make your own GIZEH stands for brand qualit y and product diver- sit y. As a leader in innovation, GIZEH manufactures state-of-the-ar t products for the RYO and MYO smokers' personal preferences. GIZEH Raucherbedarf GmbH Bunsenstr. 12 . 51647 Gummersbach Germany . T : + 49 ( 0 ) 2261 - 4 059 - 0

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