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TAIGA International (Belgium) Uniqema (Netherlands) Vitusa Products (United States) Humidity & Environmental Control Test Chamber Evans-MacTavish-Agricraft, Inc. (United States) IMTEK (United States) JS Humidifiers PLC (United Kingdom) Michel Perrenoud SA (Switzerland) PGC (United States) Humidity Controllers & Recorders Armstrong International Inc. (United States) Franz Sagemüller GmbH (Germany) Garbuio Dickinson (United Kingdom) JS Humidifiers PLC (United Kingdom) Malcam (Israel) Nortec Industries (United States) PGC (United States) Pier-Electronic GmbH (Germany) Wiessner GmbH (Germany) Injectors ProTech High Technology (South Korea) Republic Technologies International, SAS (France) Ink Coates Brothers (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) DIC Dai Nippon Ink and Chemicals (Japan) Eckart GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) Kromacorp International (Canada) Michael Huber München GmbH (Germany) Ruco Druckfarben (Germany) Siegwerk Druckfarben (Germany) Siegwerk Ink Packaging (Germany) Stripes Co. GmbH (Germany) Sun Chemical (Brazil) Sun Chemical Corp. (Germany) Sun Chemical Corp. (United States) Sun Chemical Ltd. (United Kingdom) Topfer Druckerei GmbH (Germany) Insect Monitoring Systems Barrettine Environmental Health (United Kingdom) Borgwaldt Flavor GmbH (Germany) Catalytic Generators LLC (United States) Chemtrade International Ltd. (United Kingdom) Fuji Flavor Co., Ltd. (Japan) Insects Ltd. Inc. (United States) Pestcon Systems, Inc. (United States) Sunzon International (United States) Insecticides Barrettine Environmental Health (United Kingdom) Curtis Dyna-Fog. Ltd. (United States) Detia Degesch GmbH (Germany) Frowein GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) Insects Ltd. Inc. (United States) Sunzon International (United States) Tifa Worldwide Ltd. (United States) Inspection Systems Beckhoff Automation (Germany) Best (Belgium) Cerulean (United Kingdom) ERIEZ (United States) G.D. S.p.A. (Italy) Hauni Maschinenbau AG (Germany) Heuft USA, Inc. (United States) International Systems Group (United States) Key Technology (United States) Lock Inspection Systems Inc. (United States) Loma Systems, Inc. (United States) Malcam (Israel) Micro Perforation Engineering GmbH (Germany) Molins Tobacco Machinery Ltd. (United Kingdom) Sasib S.p.A. (Italy) Solex Metrologie (France) SPI Developments Ltd. (United Kingdom) Thwing-Albert Instrument Co. (United States) Videk Corp. (United States) Instrumentation (Basic Weight Testing) Analytical Measurements (United States) Mebtec (United States) Sodim Sas (France) Instrumentation (Opacity Testing) Sodim Sas (France) Instrumentation (Softness Testing) Sodim Sas (France) Thwing-Albert Instrument Co. (United States) Instrumentation (Tear Testing) Sodim Sas (France) Thwing-Albert Instrument Co. (United States) Knife Grinders & Sharpeners Adamantine Precision Tools Ltd. (United States) Applied Cutting Technology, Inc. (United States) Arkote Ltd. (United Kingdom) D.K. Holdings Ltd. (United Kingdom) Fi-Tech, Inc. (United States) Hamilton Precision Ltd. (United Kingdom) Hanchett Manufacturing, Inc. (United States) Hauni Maschinenbau AG (Germany) Hitkari Trading Corporation (India) Makepak International Trading, Ltd. (United Kingdom) Sami MCD Ltd. (Bulgaria) Schober GmbH (Germany) 62 Tobacco International Buyers' Guide & Global Directory 2016 Advertisers appear in bold Humectantss — Knife Grinders & Sharpeners FENIX The right choice for on-line weight measurement & control Isatec Ltd. introduces the latest version of their widely accepted FENIX control and information system for cigar making machines. The FENIX system has successfully evolved over 20 years to meet the increasing quality and information demands of the international cigar manufacturing industry. Using a third party Microwave sensor for on-line measurement of cigar density and moisture, FENIX controls the weight of cigar rods up to 14.5mm diameter. With FENIX systems installed worldwide on a variety of cigar makers, Isatec continues to be the right choice for on-machine control and information systems. FENIX Support Services Isatec Ltd. are renowned for excellent support of its products. For the new generation of Fenix systems, our team of experienced software and hardware engineers will continue to enhance our reputation. Measure Monitor Control Isatec Ltd, Watermeadow House, Watermeadow, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP5 1LF, UK Contact Us Tel: +44 (0) 1494 792602 Fax: +44 (0) 1494 792608 Email: Isatec LTD_BG_2012 1/23/12 4:35 PM Page 1

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