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July 2016

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM JULY 2016 20 refined and optimized for your specific stain needs • More Efficient Cleaning than High-Efficiency Top Load: On average, consumers save 40 gallons of water per week with the Electrolux Front Load, compared with a leading high-efficiency top load washer 3 4 • Perfect Steam™ option vents steam from the bottom to effectively remove stains • Perfect Balance ® System balances loads for smooth, quiet operation – so quiet you can run it whenever, and wherever, you want without disrupting your household • Extended Refresh adds a rinse and spin after the wash cycle to keep garments fresh until you can switch them to the dryer • Fresh Water Rinse uses fresh water in the final rinse to ensure residual detergent is removed, for fabrics that are gentler on sensitive skin • Available for purchase in April, 2016; $1,099 MSRP PERFECT STEAM™ DRYER WITH INSTANT REFRESH™ AND 9 CYCLES (NEW) • Instant Refresh™ Cycle gently removes wrinkles and revives fabrics in 10 minutes • 15-Minute Fast Dry Cycle quickly dries the items you need most 1 • Perfect Steam™ option gently releases wrinkles and reduces static to keep clothes looking their best • Sanitize option is certified to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria and reduce viruses 2 • Extended Tumble option gently tumbles your clothes without heat to keep them tangle-free. Perfect for when you cannot remove clothes right after the cycle ends • Largest Capacity Dryer dries the most in one load with 8.0 cu. ft. capacity 5 • Moisture Sensors for Gentle Drying: clothes are gently tumbled while large moisture sensors detect when clothes are dry so the dryer can turn off and prevent over-drying • Available for purchase in April, 2016; $1,099 MSRP To learn more about the Electrolux Group and its full range of innovative home appliances, rooted in a deep European design heritage, professional expertise and breakthrough technology please visit 1 Fast time based on 3lb DOE load 2 Our product meets the NSF ® testing standards 3 Based on the current December 2015 IMEF and IWF Declarations based on website, Samsung WA52J806*A* 4 Based on average of 5.7 loads washed per week, Electrolux Global Category Lens Report 5 Based on manufacturers specifications among common 27" platforms CONVENIENTLY CLEAN Icera unveils the iWash bidet seat: Euro-style personal hygiene designed to fit almost any elongated toilet Americans are catching onto what Europeans and Asians have always known—bidets provide soothing and hygienic cleaning. And now ICERA brings the bidet concept to the American bathroom without sacrificing valuable floor space. Introducing the iWash S-10 Bidet Seat designed to convert your existing toilet into a bidet and take it a step further by including a heated seat with adjustable water temperature, a warm air dryer and an LED nightlight. The elegant design of the iWash is notable enough, but what truly sets this innovative bidet seat apart is the instant water heating system. iWash offers a limitless warm water supply in the price-range of competitor's tanked models, which offer only 45 seconds of warm water. This tankless model also features two power-saving modes and a seat sensor to ensure the unit will only operate when occupied avoiding unnecessary electricity usage. The new iWash has a durable polypropylene body created to fit most standard elongated toilets and features a curved, soft-close lid and a compact design (only 5 3 ⁄4" high) for a sleeker look. The iWash combines quiet operation with powerful functions that include rear and front aerated wash capabilities, an oscillating wash I N D U S T R Y [ N E W S ]

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