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July 2016

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM JULY 2016 22 option and adjustable water temperature, pressure and nozzle position. A convenient, wall-mounted remote control allows users to create their own personalized, automated wash-and-dry cycle initiated with just one touch. Available at premium bath showrooms nationwide, the iWash Bidet Seat is available in white, retails for $699, and includes a limited three-year warranty. For 20 years the American-owned and operated ICERA Group has been dedicated to the innovation and manufacture of premium bath fixtures. Specializing in high-performance water closets and the most technically-challenging of ceramic products, ICERA surpasses industry standards and consumer expectations. With collections ranging from the contemporary to the classic, ICERA products combine uniqueness and elegance in design, best-in- class performance and lasting quality. For more information visit: GE PUTS THEIR JETS WHERE THE DIRT IS: OVER 140 DISHWASHER JETS ENSURE THOROUGH CLEANING New GE Profile™ and Café™ dishwashers feature over 40 deep clean silverware jets for table-ready silverware When dirty, sticky utensils are placed in the dishwasher, it's expected that they'll come out spotless. However, that's not always the case, which is why GE Appliances is introducing new dishwashers with uniquely designed, dedicated deep clean silverware jets. "Silverware is one of the hardest things to get clean. Consumers want a dishwasher than can provide table-ready silverware in one wash cycle, along with more loading and cleaning options," said Mike Nerdig, marketing manager, dishwasher products, at GE Appliances. New GE Appliances dishwashers feature 40 silverware jets for the ultimate in clean silverware. In June, all new GE Profile™ and Café™ dishwashers will come standard with over 40 dedicated deep clean silverware jets. Their new design powers water up from below the silverware basket to attack caked-on food remnants like peanut butter, cheese and oatmeal. Additionally, the red jets stand out on the showroom floor and highlight exactly where to place the silverware basket to ensure silverware that sparkles with each load. From spray arms to silverware jets, these new dishwashers feature over 140 jets in total to provide the ultimate clean. Additional features include: • Third rack for loading flexibility and to free up space on other racks • Red bottle jets located on the top rack tackle the inside of hard- to-clean containers like baby bottles, sports bottles and travel mugs • Fully integrated controls for Profile, adding front controls for a sleek appearance in 2016 GE Profile and Café models will be available in June in stainless steel and slate, and range from $899-$1,599. For more information visit I N D U S T R Y [ N E W S ]

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