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AND EVENTS A panelwithmembers of Congress featured the Honorable JimWalsh (NY, 1989-2009, le), the Honorable Beverly Byron (MD, 1979-1993), and the Honorable Ron Sarasin (CT, 1973-1979, right). Themembers sharedmemories and anecdotes and answered quesons fromthe students on a range of topics, includingwhether there should be termlimits as ameans of removing some of the current gridlock, howdifferent the relaonshipswerewithmembers fromthe opposite party during their tenures versus now, and even howmedia influences polics today. Students asked quesons of themembers of Congress and the staffmemberswho spoke at this year's forum. Approximately 200 students fromarea high schools aended, including:WoodrowWilson High School (DC), GeorgeMason High School (VA), Parkdale High School (MD), and Reservoir High School (MD). A second panel consisted of (le to right) Dr. RodneyWhitlock, Health Policy Director for Senator Charles Grassley; BreLoper, Policy Director for Speaker of the House John Boehner; Jeffrey Shapiro, Chief of Staff for Representave Adrian Smith; and Dr.Michael Gamel-McCormick, Educaon and Disability Advisor to Senator TomHarkin, Senate HELP Commiee. They shared their experiences about howthey gotwork in the roles they nowhold, aswell aswhat it's like towork formembers of Congress. The speakers touched on various issues, including howthey balance their own beliefs with their bosses' beliefs, howthey dealwith being constantly on call, andwhat they do for fun. SUMMER 2012 THE CAPITOL DOME 51

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