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A tabletting Tabletability, compactibility, and compressibility: What's the difference? Robert Sedlock Natoli Engineering To patients and consumers, tablets are a simple and convenient dosage form. But the science behind compressing a block of par- ticles or granules into a single tablet can be complicated. That's where common compression studies can help. This article explains how to develop tabletability, compactibility, and com- pressibility profiles. dvances in compaction science have been instrumen- tal in improving tablet product development, scale-up, and manufacturing. Today, a variety of tools can help for- mulators, product developers, and other industry profes- sionals to better understand the manufacturing science and engineering behind this ubiquitous solid dosage form. These tools enable us to study tablet performance at the development stage using small quantities of material. Tablets & Capsules September 2016 19

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