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24 September 2016 Tablets & Capsules Issue focus tabletting Mulit-layer tablet press XL400 MFP tablet press produces single-, bi-, and tri-layer tablets using 29 to 47 stations, has exchangeable turrets, and is capable of core-coated and microchip-in-tablet production. Unit's carrier plate and head piece let you use variety of compression roller modules, feeder modules, and cam track modules to maximize versatility. Press applies as much as 100 kilonewtons at pre- and main compression, produces as many as 338,400 tablets per hour, and includes bar between pre- and main compression that extends dwell time to handle difficult-to-compress products. Built-in lifting arm enables you to remove turret, cam tracks, and press tools by pushing a button. Carrier plate with pneumatic dampers isolates vibrations from head piece and machine base to minimize noise. Company offers variety of other presses for multi-layer tabletting. Korsch America, South Easton, MA. Tel. 508 238 9080 R&D tablet press Piccola PLC rotary tablet press for R&D produces as many as 60,000 tablets per hour at maximum force of 50 kilonewtons. Mobile, stand- alone unit fits on tabletop and is small enough to install in glovebox. It uses eight, nine, or 10 stations and accepts B, D, and combinations of tooling sizes. Changeover takes as little as 30 minutes. Instrumentation is available for pre-compression, main compression, ejection, and take- off. Its Director software for data acquisition and analysis is integrated with Allen-Bradley PLC and uses as little as 50 grams of material to gen- erate compaction profile and reports on strain rate, production, and scope. Software includes post-formulation module to ease scale-up. SMI, Lebanon, NJ. Tel. 908 534 1500

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