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62 September 2016 Tablets & Capsules advertiser index A ACG North America 3 Ametek Brookfield 11 B Beneo 56 Biocaps 58 Bosch 51 C CMC Machinery 29 Camfil APC 6, 7 Capsugel 5 D Donaldson Cover 2 Dr. Pharm USA 23 E Elizabeth 25 F Fette 37 G Gamlen Tableting 61 H I Holland 39 I Innophos 54 J Jost Chemical 55 K Key International 18 Kikusui USA 1 Krämer US 61 M Material Flow Solutions 48 Meggle USA 52 Modular Packaging Systems 34 Molded Fiber Glass Tray 45 N Natoli Engineering Cover 4 Natrium 57 Netzsch Premier Technologies 12 Nilfisk 27 P Patheon 32 Q Qualicaps 38 S SMI Cover 3 Sotax 17 Suheung Capsule 47 T Techceuticals 44 Thomas Engineering 10 Thomas Packaging 9 Tower Laboratories 57 Tri-Star Technologies 35 V Vac-U-Max 8 W Wilson Tool International 40 Functionalized calcium carbonate accepts high API loads Omyapharm functionalized calcium carbonate (FCC) for orally dispersible granules (ODGs) and orally dispersible tablets (ODTs) offers fast disintegration time and high API loading capacity. Excipient allows you to directly compress ODGs into tablets that dis- integrate in less than 10 seconds. During dry granulation or tabletting, FCC's lamellar surface structure interlocks to provide large number of contact points, resulting in greater mechanical strength at lower compression pressures than other excipients. This preserves porosity of granules and tablets and enables them to take up water faster for faster disintegration. ODGs can be produced without binders via roller compaction. High mechanical strength of ODTs eliminates need for special packaging, thus reducing costs. Omya Life Sciences, Long Beach, CA. Tel. 562 961 3333 Tablet coater's exchangeable drums reduce downtime Flex 1000 tablet coater uses exchangeable drums that remove and replace easily, sig- nificantly reducing time between batches. Fully perforated, side-vented drums range from 175 to 1,200 liters; pan diameter is 60 inches in all capacities. Drum design pro- vides turbulence-free air at high flow rates, allowing efficient application of film, sugar, functional, and API coatings. Compu-Coat recipe-driven control system is set up for multi-language operation. Smooth drum surfaces and water-tight inflatable seals on access doors allow fully contained WIP. Thomas Engineering, Hoffman Estates, IL. Tel. 800 634 9910 product update

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