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8 September 2016 Tablets & Capsules research Researchers develop microscopic QR codes for tablets, capsules ALBANY, NY—Researchers at the State University of New York-Albany are developing microscopic quick- response codes to help authenticate pharmaceuticals and deter counterfeits. The edible markings are 10 to 200 microns and can be attached to a tablet or capsule or incorporated into the for- mulation. When applied to a tablet or capsule surface, the codes are readable using a $10 cell phone microscope, enabling consumers to verify the prod- uct's name, dosage, manufacturing site, and batch number. An article about the research, "Facile and high-throughput synthesis of functional microparticles with quick response codes," appears in the June issue of Small. U of Texas chemists develop Karl Fischer alternative ARLINGTON, TX—Chemists at the University of Texas-Arlington developed a novel method to quantify water content in solid pharmaceuticals that is faster, cheaper, more accurate, and more precise than Karl Fischer titration. It uses headspace gas chro- matography and takes as little as 10 minutes to analyze samples, which can be as small as 10 milligrams. The results show the new method is more accurate than Karl Fischer titration, as the latter produced inaccurate results in many of the samples tested. Armstrong says this new method can be auto- mated, reducing labor costs. An article, "Water determination in solid pharma- ceutical products using ionic liquids and headspace gas chromatography," appeared in the August issue of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. markets Generics forecast to grow 10 percent annually CHICAGO, IL—The global market for generic drugs is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of about 10 percent between 2016 and 2020, according to a May 2016 report from ReportsnReports. Patent expirations will be a major market driver. Patents on about $135 billion worth of branded drug products expired in 2015 and, by 2020, the value is expected to increase to $150 billion. The report identifies Teva, Sandoz, Allergan, Mylan, Sun Pharma- ceuticals, and Stada Arzneimittel as key generic manufacturers. Value of European pharma market to exceed $230 billion by 2022 LONDON, UK—According to a report from Evaluate, "Pharmaceutical Innovation in Europe," the European pharmaceutical market will grow from $188.9 billion in 2015 to $230.3 bil- lion in 2022, a compound annual growth rate of 3.2 percent. Factors driving growth include innovations in oncology and advances in therapies for multiple sclerosis, chronic heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and Alzheimer's disease. The report pre- dicts Xarelto (rivaroxaban), Janssen's blood thinner, will be the top-selling drug product in Europe by 2020. tion om applica t ears of cus e than 60 y Mor . try eutical indus e in the pharmac xperienc e erials t der and bulk ma w ent po er 000 diff , er 10 Ov ee wing and Non-Fr ee-Flo handled—including Fr ed t oma o fully aut omponents t om sanitary c Fr e t ea e cr ems, w t s y ontinuous s ch or c t ba ely sing solutions entir es oc eutical pr pharmac our needs and goals. ound y ar our e y et us solv L t pneuma challenges. ma - u - c a v t i s i V AX -M U - C A VA - 0 0 8 l l a c r o w ee Flo handled including Fr x echnical e ders. T w o wing P Flo tion. And an airtight perf alida T v AT T and S AT FA t ma s wha ' . It ee ant e guar manc ed as the pharmac t as unique and trus tion solutions oma s aut es oc pr ying e v on tic c c i t uma e pn /p m o c . x a X. ee ing and Non-Fr pertise including or n airtight perf - X -U-MA C A es VA k eutical pharmac e design. w A X -U-MA C A V — 17 MDL1050 or er f eiv ec acuum R Sanitary V anules. ders and gr w fine po CH & C T TEMS • BA S YS S & S OMPONENT ONVEYING C TIC C CEPTED • PNEUMA C A - A /USD Y/ AR ANIT S ONTROLS & C -C TEMS • UL S YS CH WEIGHING & SCALING S T TEMS • BAT S YS TI-INGREDIENT HANDLING S MULT ART 11 C TRUCTION • 21 CFR P ONS TERIALS OF C CERTIFIED MAT / VED APPRO - A FD TEMS • CIP DESIGNS S YS ONVEYING S CUUM C A MOBILE VA TION ONTINUOUS OPERA & C GES A CK A ONTROL P ROLS & C OMPLIANCE C

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