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Articles in bold were published in 2016. All T&C articles, including those not listed here, are available for download at Academics Natoli Institute opens at LIU to combat tabletting prob- lems. July 2014, p. 36. Re-thinking the industry-academia connection. M. Teresa Carvajal. Back Page, March 2014, p. 48. Adherence The advantages of alternative solid dosage forms. Thomas Hein. September 2015, p. 32. Packaging's contribution to patient adherence and cost con- tainment. Edward J. Bauer. May 2014, p. 8. Pharmaceutical packaging and adherence. Ben Locwin. Back Page, May 2016, p. 48. Analytical techniques Applications of NIR spectroscopy in assessing raw materials and solid dosage forms. Thomas B. Gold. March 2015, p. 10. Assessing an analytical method for the dissolution profile of an extended-release tablet in accordance with QbD. Maria Maeso Puertollano, Tim Cartwright, Mike Aylott, and Nicola Kaye. January 2009, p. 30. Automating push-through force testing of blister packs. Salil Jha. May 2011, p. 7. Breaking-force tests for empty and filled hard capsules and softgels. Walter Friesendorf. Capsules and Capsule Filling Desktop Reference, July 2010, p. 17. Can PAT "build in" quality? Yashwant Pathak. Back Page, September 2007, p. 72. Capsule endoscopy for evaluation of drug delivery systems in the upper gastrointestinal tract. Pernille Barbre Pedersen, Peter Vilmann, Daniel Bar-Shalom, and Anette Müllertz. October 2012, p. 20. Characterization and modeling of softgel drying processes. Q. Fang, Y. Hu, N. Yu, S. Majuru, and M. Hariharan. May 2011, p. 24. Computed tomography: Applications for evaluating tablets and capsules. Brett Muehlhauser and Nate DeRoo. January 2016, p. 15. Density mapping of roller-compacted ribbons using tera- hertz spectroscopy. Mark Sullivan, David Heaps, Richard McKay, Eiji Kato, Xiao Hua Zhou, Chuan-Yu Wu, Chun- lei Pei, Jian-yi Zhang, and Serena Schiano. January 2015, p. 26. Detecting counterfeit drug products via impurity mapping. Aurélie Bart, Ziyang Su, Karl V. Wood, Stephen R. Byrn, and M. Teresa Carvajal. October 2009, p. 24. Effect of sampling methods on vitamin D blending unifor- mity. Wenming Zeng, Dan Wang, and Doug Roper. October 2016, p. 17. Embracing QbD and PAT in nutraceutical production. Misty Muscarella, Charles Preuss, Y.V. Pathak, and Adnan Sabir. October 2011, p. 18. Elemental impurities. John McCarty. Eye on Excipients, March 2013, p. 39. Gelatin capsules and dissolution. Margareth R. C. Marques. Back Page, January 2015, p. 64. How to ensure your dust collection system complies with combustible-dust standards. David Steil, Tony Supine, and Mike Walters. May 2013, p. 20. Improving tablet coating yield and quality via computer- based simulations. Maxim Puchkov and Hans Leuenberger. October 2010, p. 20; Coating Desktop Reference, July 2012, p. 24. Influence of mechanical stress on the formation of cracks in two-piece capsules. David Fulper, Haibo Wang, and Dawn Downey. January 2010, p. 8. Measuring bulk density: Advantages of a shear cell. Vinnie Hebert. October 2013, p. 31. Measuring water activity as a means to reduce microbial limit testing. Anthony J. Fontana. October 2008, p. 28. Micro-extraction technique for isolation of soluble contam- inants in pharmaceutical tablets. Mary Stellmack. October 2009, p. 18. Near-infrared spectroscopy: Applications in solid dosage form analysis. Deepak Kaushik, Kumud Madan, and Harish Dureja. October 2006, p. 22. New developments in dissolution testing of tablets and cap- sules. Margareth R. C. Marques, William Brown, Gabriel Giancaspro, Natalia Davydova, Edith Chang, Jeanne Fringer, Walter Hauck, and Anthony DeStefano. October 2012, p. 12. New USP elemental impurity testing: Selecting a method. Andrew Fussell. Back Page, March 2015, p. 48. Online x-ray inspection of filled capsules. Melanie Beck, Martin Vogt, and Iulian Maga. January 2012, p. 12. Options for conducting elemental impurities testing. Timothy Klock. Back Page, July 2016, p. 48. Powder blenders and NIR: A brief overview. Matthew N. Bahr. May 2008, p. 38. A rapid vehicle-screening approach for formulating a low- solubility compound into liquid-filled capsules. Amol Kheur, Anil Kane, Mohammad Aleem, Maureen McLaughlin, Kiran Kumar Tumbalam, and Shivaprakash Poojary. January 2014, p. 10. Recent challenges in dissolution testing, including USP ini- tiatives. Vivian A. Gray, January 2012, p. 28. Reducing risk in the development and manufacture of tablets using rapid compressibility assessments. Dipankar Dey and Michael Gamlen. September 2011, p. 28. index to articles 2006-2016 i n d e x t o a r t i c l e s Tablets & Capsules November 2016 7

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