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PRODUCT NEWS PRODUCT NEWS 30 | March - April 2017 | BIO-BASED MOTOR OIL Castrol's new Edge Bio-Synthetic motor oil is a bio-based lubricant that combines fluid tita- nium technology with the natural lubricating properties of plants. Made with 25-percent plant-based oil compounds, the motor oil is formulated to reduce metal-to-metal contact across a range of different driving speeds, protect the engine for the entire drain inter val and decrease engine deposit formation. The oil is available in 1- and 5-quart sizes as well as in viscosity grades that cover the vast majority of American cars. Castrol 800-462-0835 LUBE FILTER The new BD50000 lube filter from Baldwin incorporates the compa- ny's next generation of engineered media for longer life and better performance in modern engines. It has a 17 percent greater capac- ity than similar models for longer filter life and a 40 percent lower restriction at cold starts to improve flow and reduce wear. The filter's structural stability also helps to ensure durability and prevent con- taminant leaks. It can be used with Cummins ISX and X15 engines. Baldwin Filters 800-822-5394 VISCOMETERS Anton Paar's new SVM 4001 Stabinger Viscometer features a unique double-cell system to determine viscosity and density at two different tempera- tures (40 and 100 degrees C) simultaneously. This ensures fast determination of the viscosity index from the lowest sample volume. The company also introduced the SVM 2001 viscometer for conducting highly precise kinematic and dynamic viscosity mea - surements according to ASTM D7042. It is ideal for any constant temperature viscosity determination between 15 and 100 degrees C. Anton Paar 804-550-1051 DIESEL ENGINE OIL The new Blue Flame Synthetic Blend diesel engine oils from Champion are formulated to meet the needs of the next generation of heav y-duty engines. The oils, which are offered in lower viscosity grades to maximize fuel econ- omy without compromising durability, are designed to keep diesel engines running longer by reducing engine wear, preventing high-temperature corro- sion and controlling abrasive soot contamination. The API FA-4 and CK-4 series oils are a direct replacement for the current API CJ-4 diesel engine oil specification and will have limited backward compatibility. Champion 800-821-5693

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