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n previous issues of Machinery Lubrication, the asset management standard published by the Inter- national Organization for Standardization (ISO) known as ISO 55000 was discussed in regards to how it can provide a frame- work for supporting the deployment of lubrication excellence. This article will go further by explaining how the requirements for ISO 55000 can be aligned with the features of lubrication excellence to provide a deeper understanding of how a world- class lubrication program can be developed to fulf ill these standard requirements, leading to greater machine reliability and eventual ISO certif ication. ISO 55000 was released in 2014 with the goal of improving the value realized from an organization's assets. The standard consists of a series of three documents: ISO 55000, ISO 55001 and ISO 55002. The series defines the requirements and guidelines for the effec- tive design, implementation and maintenance of an asset management system. Imple- menting ISO 55000 can give an organization the confidence that the right things are being done in its asset administration to support the organization's mission and objectives, such as the production of goods and services. Defining an Asset and Asset Management According to ISO 55000, "An asset is an item, thing or entity that has potential or actual value to an organization. The period from the creation of an asset to the end of its life is the asset life." I L u b r i c a t i o n P r o g r a m s Aligning with ISO 55000 PERSPECTIVE B y a l e Ja ndro me z a | Nori a Corpor at ioN 46 | March - April 2017 | LUBRICATION EXCELLENCE

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