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April 2017

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM APRIL 2017 2 J enn-Air brand was one of the first to celebrate the possibilities of the open-concept kitchen. In addition to bringing downdraft ventilation into the kitchen, they introduced plug-in cartridges that gave consumers options to cook the way they wanted. Times, and styles change, and Jenn-Air brand has launched a line of modular cooktops that accommodate a consumer's preference to design a custom cooking surface that fits the way they want to cook, while delivering a unified design that includes the option for a truly flush installation. TRADITIONAL AND FLUSH INSTALLATION OPTIONS Every Jenn-Air ® cooktop module is 21 inches deep and 15 inches wide which allows consumers to design a custom, large-scale cooktop with a unified look for both traditional and flush installations. Modular cooktops can be paired with updraft or downdraft ventilation systems, including a 4-inch wide downdraft ventilation strip that shares a common depth to ensure a seamless, unified installation. In addition, the cooktop modules are compatible with select, full-size 30- and 36-inch gas cooktops. PROMOTES FLEXIBLE COOKING STYLES In addition to a two-burner gas module or an induction module with flexibly sized elements, consumers can choose a dedicated gas or induction module that is designed for wok cooking. The performance and easy-to-clean design of a chrome-infused, electric griddle provides even more versatility for consumers who want options to cook the way they want. COMMON DESIGN ELEMENTS All gas cooktop modules feature elegant brass burners, intuitive controls and a white LED light that glows underneath the knob when the burner is active. Induction models feature glass-touch controls with an LED display. AVAILABLE NOW…MORE TO COME Modular gas cooktops and the electric griddle module are currently available to order and scheduled to ship late in the second quarter. The induction modules and downdraft strip are scheduled to ship later this year. WHAT IF A COOKTOP WAS... ALL OF THE ABOVE? JENN-AIR ® MODULAR COOKTOPS UNIFY PERFORMANCE AND DESIGN

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