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RETAILOBSERVER.COM MAY 2017 12 The '90s Biggest Tech is Announced at CES— From DVD players to HD TV, the 1990s introduced the technology that we still use today. Sega brought iconic characters like Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man to life. The exhibitors of the '90s included Nokia, Sega, Emerson, Sanyo, IBM and Sharp — many that are still exhibiting at CES today. Gone were the days of VHS tapes. 1996 brought a whole new dimension to video – the DVD and DVD player. Sleek and lightweight, the DVD revolutionized video technology. 1990-99 "CES has been the proving ground for innovators for 50 years and has grown from a top destination for mainly audio/video retailers and distributors to a global gathering place for the entire innovation ecosystem," said Gary Shapiro. "In addition to the traditional tech players, CES now draws from nearly every major industry. We are honored and humbled to celebrate this core group of exhibitors who have been with us from the start." CES also celebrated the individuals who have attended CES for extended runs. During the registration process for 2017, attendees self-selected the number of years they have attended the show. Onsite recognition ribbons were available in five-year increments to identify how long each person had supported CES. Today, CES continues as the proving ground for innovators and has expanded to feature industries not traditionally connected to consumer tech. The show now touches every major industry as leaders from the entire innovation ecosystem come together to discover and experience the latest trends and network with peers. CES is where titans of tech mix with next generation disruptors and where esteemed and highly sought-after global leaders take the keynote stage to tout disruptive technology and envision new trends and markets. CES CELEBRATES 50 YEARS OF TECH

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