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J ason Aaron Baca was browsing in a bookstore when he found some unex- pected career inspiration. "I picked up a romance novel and saw a guy who was in great shape. I was so into the idea of doing this that I would get up and exercise in the middle of the night," says the Los Gatos native, a fitness model and a double in the 1997 movie "I Know What You Did Last Summer." This winter, Baca shot his 501st romance book cover. After flexing his biceps and flashing smoldering glances for titles like "Smitten" and "Moment of Weakness," he's established himself as a favorite among readers and authors alike. "Authors spends months and months writing each book, putting their heart and soul into these characters. Then, they use me on the cover," Baca says. "It's extremely flattering." Despite his success, Baca maintains an office job in Santa Clara. When he's not working, he enjoys exploring Carmel. He frequently visits Il Fornaio and A.W. Shucks and says, "They have the best oysters in the world." He also regularly spends a few hours relaxing in the pools at Refuge in Carmel Valley. "It's always a nice reward," says Baca. "I eat well, hit the gym and work hard, and when it's all done, I head to Carmel." SHORTCUTS NEIGHBORS A Model Career Path B Y R E N E E B R I N C K S Frequent Carmel visitor and fitness model Jason Aaron Baca has appeared on 501 romance novel covers. He enjoys Carmel restaurants and The Refuge in Carmel Valley. Photo: KelliUldall 68 C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 1 7

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