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NEW TECHNOLOGIES, PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS IN THE EXHIBIT HALL The exhibit hall featured 120 industry-leading com- panies and organizations showcasing a broad range of services and solutions. Many innovative products were also unveiled at the event, including new offer- ings from Luneta, Y2K Fluid Power, Pall Corp., Whit- more, TestOil, Generation Systems, SPM Instruments and MP Filtri. "The exhibit hall brings to light the newest and most updated equipment, processes and applications," said Michelin's Steve Watkins. "For our plant and our reli- ability team, we actually take a lot of the information from all the vendors and bring it all together. That then gives us an opportunity to make a very wise decision on how we maintain our equipment." Reliable Plant attendees also were granted access to the exhibit floor of the Precision Machining Tech- nology Show (PMTS). This international gathering of manufacturing professionals included more than 280 exhibitors displaying equipment, products and ser- vices to more than 6,000 attendees. OPENING GENERAL SESSION AND KEYNOTE In the opening general session, veteran NASA astro- naut Dr. Tom Jones gave a stellar keynote address on teamwork and leadership lessons from the astronaut corps. Having spent more than 11 years with NASA, flying on four space-shuttle missions, and working and living in space for 53 days, Dr. Jones recounted the good and the bad from NASA's half-century-long experience in human spaceflight, from the terrible loss of the Apollo 1 crew and the triumph of the first moon landing less than three years later to the daring repair of the Hubble telescope and the preventable losses of two space-shuttle orbiters and crews. "Excellent teamwork with no acceptance of sub- standard operations, preparation or execution was the concept upon which NASA built itself and all of its successes over the last 50-60 years," Jones told attendees. "I've been able to see the product of that teamwork through my own missions into space. If you are going to be a leader in space and execute the right stuff, you have to trust and respect your team, show confidence that your team will perform, motivate your team toward a common goal and encourage teamwork. If you're a lone operator in space, you are going to be either dead or a failure. You've got to be a member of the team." Attendees even had the opportunity to meet Dr. Jones and have him autograph two of his space and aviation books in the exhibit hall immediately following the keynote address.

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