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Machinery Lubrication May-June 2017

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4 m i cr on p a r t i c le m a gn i f ed It doesn't take a whole lot to bring a giant machine down. Tiny specks of dirt are all it takes. Chevron's revolutionary new ISOCLEAN ® Certifed Lubricants help maximize the life of your equipment. ISOCLEAN Certifed Lubricants meet specifc ISO Cleanliness codes, representing the most stringent OEM standards. So, demand more from your lubricants and give your machines a fghting chance. To learn more about ISOCLE AN Certifed Lubricants, visit us at ChevronISOCLE DON' T LE T DIR T PAR TICLES 4 MICRONS SMALL TAKE DOWN YOUR GIANT MACHINES. GOLIATH. MEET DAVID. CL E A N. REDEF INED. ©2017 Chevron U.S.A. Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of Chevron Intellectual Property LLC or their respective owners.

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