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IN-LINE CONTAMINATION MONITOR The ICM automatically measures and displays particulate contamination, moisture and temperature levels in various hydraulic/lubrication fluids. It is designed specifically to be mounted directly to systems where ongoing measurement or analysis is required and where space and costs are limited. Capabilities include 8-channel contamination measurement and display in ISO4406:1999, NAS 1638 and AS4059E. It features a 4000 test result mem- ory and is capable of manual, automatic and remote display. The pressure range is from 30-6,090 psi. New features include a secondary connector to allow simultaneous control/ download of results, USB connection and 4-20mA analog output. Software is included. MP Filtri USA | | 888-263-0090 SATELLITE LUBE ROOM When your lubricants are subject to remote or extreme conditions and interior space is limited, OilSafe's Satellite Lube Room offers a stand-alone system with placement flexibility and state-of-the-art features. This convenient storage protects the lubricant's quality and lifespan by reducing handling errors and controlling its environment. Whitmore | | 972-771-1000 SIGHT GLASS The Luneta Sight Glass features an innovative design that is intended to modernize the traditional bull's-eye sight glass. It is made of Tritan, a cr ystal-clear, high-performance copoly ester that can withstand the toughest environmental conditions. The large 360-degree viewing surface has no molded-in obstructions for effortless oil level and visual inspections. Etched crosshairs enable at-a-glance oil level checks without the possibility of the level marker fading or wearing off. The Luneta Sight Glass also incorporates eyelets for attaching lubricant identification tags and a molded-in hex nut for easy installation. Luneta | | 888-742-2021 CONDITION MONITORING Pall Crixus TM combines 60 years of Pall intelligence and expertise with the very latest in connected technology. Focused on efficiency and productivity, the platform provides embedded control for the monitoring of both filtration performance and fluid condition. Real-time availability of data via a cloud-based platform provides performance reporting and instant user notifications of any irregularity or required maintenance. By identifying and reporting issues early, Crixus saves time, reduces downtime and maintenance cost, and increases the efficiency and reliability of your overall production process. Pall Corporation | | 386-626-0148

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